My Growing Pregnant Belly

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andi protozoa says:

sexy belly

kakakitch says:

Do you have a disaligned pelvis? I do. My bump looks like yours. Slightly
to one side

SupaDupaCwazy says:

i loove you megan c: just thought id say that. but anyway the point to this
comment is your belly was like PERFECT. Not to big, not to small. Looks
like it took a while to pop out though. c:

hamish lewis says:

wow it all happens so fast

BlaiseM100 says:

Love U – I’m a fan of you!!!<3<3<3<3<3

KaranfiLL88 says:

How did you prevent stretchmarks?

msclassof2008 says:


William Bonin says:

This makes me so horny

thecoolkid066 says:

ur so hot preggo plz have another soon

Emma N says:

Wow your baby is probilly going to be beautiful

Mackenzie Young says:

Best pregnant video ever

AlexisIsSixela says:

This is hard to watch. Moved around a lot

LoveelyMunchkinsMom says:

I was just like you. Congrats!

rMeghann says:

@meganmbt nope, weird huh? i thought they always popped

KellyJayneAustralia says:

I love baby bellies! they’re so beautiful, most your growing happened in
the last 10 weeks! haha

allie elkins says:

Thats the cutest thing ever :)

lucy morford says:

@TouYubeDude coz they do!! 16 is from the legal age to have sex, haha!

Kait Favaron says:

I had my first child at 17 and her name was Brook.

Lauren Whitehead says:

Did you have a boy or a girl?

TheSweetteen16 says:

the cat was always in the background

Emilyisstrange1990 says:

aw thats awsome :) cant wait to be a mommy! 😀

Jocelyn Reyes says:

So beautiful :) pregnancy is such a beautiful expirience.

lovehurts129 says:

I’m like 23 weeks pregnant it’s a pain!! lol

Hazzystarr says:

Where did you get your pants! I have none that fit me right now!

briajasmeen says:

This pants are called maternity pants. You can get them at motherhood in
the mall.

geedub wall says:

why are you only having one?

BitchesAndStitches says:


Cara Corro says:

so that’s why it looked like your skinny.. cause you had scoliosis…

xxxiloveyousomuch16 says:

wow you grew slowly, cute belly tho :)

Mel Deschamps says:

Omg your baby belly is so cute! Mine was huge!!!!

xxEmoxxBunny1 says:

does it not arch your back? it looks like as if it would be uncomfortable..

Joanna Raines says:

she had a boy named carter

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