My big pregnant belly

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Don’t miss my huge pregnant and stuffed belly in stuffer31, it grows every day now! And it’s only 1/4 of pregnansy left to go! Please subscribe to my web-site

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Trace Curran says:

Absolutely beautiful!

manweller1 says:

This is beautiful can I please touch it

Aqua Darth says:

She’s gona BLOW!!!

MrChicoloco28 says:


mas hidden says:

Omg. Can we see your boobs 

pierre torres says:

how come you don’t push on it like before?

jiakai wong says:

Wow how many baby in your belly this time ?

bellypopperful says:

Hey Pierre, she CAN´T push on it like before, her belly is so tight and
bulging, it would burst! Oh, btw, I love it that her navel has popped out

Bourani2008 says:


Jennifer Laing says:

Your pregnant tummy is so adorable!

Abombx5000 says:

lovely belly. Any stuffing vids in the works?

Diane Barden says:


bbl41 says:

very nice! how far are you?

Andy Yancafl says:

Nice belly :) is pretty big, congrats

djmyst6789 says:

I love it

85lebaront2 says:

Nice well stuffed belly!

Melissa Robinson says:

Cute belly <3

davidaguilar261 says:

I like your big belly

Sarah Thompson says:

Please, please, please, PLEASE upload the two videos bellybutton2013.mp4
and sea-shells.avi on your stuffer31 page! They are beyond sexy!!!!!!! If
you did that, I would have ALL of my friends subscribe!

Bellypreg2 says:

How made you, I would like having a stomach as his

ItsGonnaPOPxD says:

Holy hell…. anybody have a hair pin..? X3

BellyInflation12357 says:

you should do another aquarium pump inflation, right after you have your

iiTriickzx says:

I remember when I had a my new born daughter. Now she’s 6 years old!

Me7446 says:

Can I meet you?

1High StuffedGirl says:

Your belly is so beautiful. It turns me on to watch you rub it. I want to
help you rub it. And see if there is any more room for grownth by feeding
you more.

Franz Liszt says:

Love your belly button! Hope you do a belly button video, with all that
sexy moaning you used to do.

Frederic Chopin says:

I would kill just to suck on this belly button.

kaylie lim says:

Your tummy is so big

11rocketrob says:

when are you due?

Andrew Woodburn says:

Geez girl what’d you do, swallow a watermelon whole? j/k love your big
beautiful belly and ur outie belly button bb.

JrLUK86 says:

Absolute perfection!

John94098 says:

Time flies hey?

weeash058 says:

Makes me soo horny

jiakai wong says:

It was isnt , cant walk much because your leg will feel tired , right ?

Bourani2008 says:

Thanks! It’s gonna be much bigger soon )))

garoux100 says:

Wow, i’m impressed! U grew so fast and with no stretch-marks! Hope the baby
is born healthy.

Red 'n Blue says:


MrRiffraff84 says:

Letme hear your stomachgrowls! 😀

pierre torres says:

and what’s the deal with this music?

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