How I Lost Belly Fat Without Surgery (Tips for flattening your belly)

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Dorinda Lemons says:

Losing belly fat without surgery is really the best technique. I’m actually
reading the new Ricky Dawson’s free report “The 7 Golden Tips” . It also
contains a lot of valuable information on how to drop pounds easily . Thank
you again for inspiring me!

Stephanie Bryant says:

I want to lose some weight does anyone know how I can lose weight quickly?

Rh1no1 says:

I LOVE your confidence! Got any to spare? :-)

Sharon Elwekil says:

Where you doing these same exercises when you were over 230? I am 221 and I
definitely can not hold my legs up in the air like your doing for these
exercises. What are the alternative? 

Rhonda Mckinney says:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I already know all they things you went
over, but truly appreciate hearing it again. They way you speak is very
inspiring and makes me feel like giddy with excitement to get back to the
healthy living I know I need. So thanks again BBBD:)


When I lose weight, it always starts coming off my hands, feet, legs, or
thighs. So for a long time I’ll look like a blimp on stilts…ugh!

Shanquilla Robinson says:

I need to loose only my stomach, the rest of my body is fine. Thank God! I
would probably just be fat. I can’t see to stick to just loosing the
kangaroo pouch.

Nikki Brooks says:

Okay I tried the plank and it’s tuff. I will keep at it until I’m able to
do it. 

theskylimit says:

i love these and i think she is one beautiful and sweet black girl with a
lovely voice

Talia scott says:

I’m 14 I will be turning 15 in next year of may
But this year I was 210 then this summer I decided to make a change in my
diet and exercise now I am 177 pounds I’ve got 29 more to go this video is
really helpful.

joan Jones says:

Are you saying that skinny people with a gut have that gut because of
inactivity? Could the reason just be because they store fat there or
because of genetics?

Alease Cherry says:

ok shes awesome. DO she have a vid for toning the arms ? I love her arms
omg please say she does

Joseph Lorenzo says:

Stop yelling! and calm down. You seem hyper as your talking. Try to calm
down and your message will come across a lot smoother. It`s really
annoying. The information you gave is useful and it`s appreciated but for
heaven sake calm down.

Sameena Arr says:

Thank you!! Xx

double o seven says:

Hope single because you look face is hot beautiful 

john king says:

she actually gave some VERY good advice…take tips people..she knows what
shes saying…

also those of you asking for weight loss supplements or w.e…sorry they
don’t work just marketing to sell to people who don’t know how to lose
weight… notice how every “weight loss supplement” doesn’t say fat
loss…weight and fat are different when used in the marketing side… when
they say weight loss.. its more than likely going to end up you losing
water weight/muscle…and in that case they can’t be accused of falsely
advertising…only reason to take those weight loss supplement is if your
trying to get shredding for like a competition or something… dont trick
yourselves…the people saying they have lost fat or w.e from that are
either lieing or in denial or advertising for their supplement…(i worked
for a pharmaceutical weight loss company right outta college) 

Sandra Harris says:

I want to lose belly fat quickly but I don’t have time to exercise. Is
their a weight loss supplement that can help me to lose weight quickly?

jojolene85 says:

Thank you so much!

Baleeia Baker says:

Very informative and true. Diet, exercise and rest. Thank you!!!

Conney Shoops says:

Funny, interesting, and beautiful woman’s video :)

Sevendandra says:

Lol you said “obeast” @ 1:19

Dreia B says:

Thanks for a great video! And, you’re right… rest is very much needed as
our bodies continue to burn visceral fat while we sleep. Great advice!

I’ve started using AB Rocket two days ago (Lord knows it has been sitting
brand new in its box for over 6 years). LOL I think along with it, and the
some of the exercises you provided in this video, I should be able to see
results in about 14 days.

nadina Lokin says:

i cant find your video on straight marks

Ashwani Ghai says:

Exercise is the best

marcikist says:

I super enjoyed your video. Super solid advice

Ingrid Fernandez says:

You have great energy! Loved it!

Andrea Harriott says:
Linda S says:

Thanks for keeping it real :)

Gary Basil Grant says:

you have helped me a lot… love the video….

Propheticfire says:

windmills great plus jumping jacks…for waist.

tlwest21 says:

AAAAAAAAAmen sister you are SUPER inspirational….Congrats to you for you
hard work and awesome payoff!

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