Fertilization (Conception)

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This 3D medical animation shows human fertilization, also known as conception. Fertilization is the epic story of a single sperm facing incredible odds to unite with an egg and form a new human life. The sperm’s journey is visualized with rich detail and narrative to convey a fresh understanding of a classic physiological tale.

This medical animation portrays the process of human fertilization. Shown at a cellular level magnification, sperm struggle through many obstacles in the female reproductive tract to reach the egg. Visualized at the molecular level, genetic material from the egg and a single sperm combines to form a new human being.


Fertilization is the epic story of a single sperm facing incredible odds to unite with an egg and form a new human life.

It is the story of all of us.

During sexual intercourse, about 300 million sperm enter the vagina.

Soon afterward, millions of them will either flow out of the vagina, or die in its acidic environment.

However, many survive because of the protective elements provided in the fluid surrounding them.

Next, the sperm must pass through the cervix, an opening into the uterus.

Usually it remains tightly closed, but here the cervix is open for a few days while the woman ovulates.

The sperm swim through the cervical mucus, which has thinned to a more watery consistency for easier passage.

Once inside the cervix, the sperm continue swimming toward the uterus, though millions will die trying to make it through the mucus.

Some sperm remain behind, caught in the folds of the cervix, but they may later continue the journey as a backup to the first group.

Inside the uterus, muscular uterine contractions assist the sperm on their journey toward the egg.

However, resident cells from the woman’s immune system, mistaking the sperm for foreign invaders, destroy thousands more.

Next, half the sperm head for the empty fallopian tube, while the other half swim toward the tube containing the unfertilized egg.

Now, only a few thousand remain.

Inside the fallopian tube, tiny cilia push the egg toward the uterus.

To continue, the sperm must surge against this motion to reach the egg.

Some sperm get trapped in the cilia and die.

During this part of the journey, chemicals in the reproductive tract cause the membranes covering the heads of the sperm to change.

As a result, the sperm become hyperactive, swimming harder and faster toward their destination.

At long last, the sperm reach the egg. Only a few dozen of the original 300 million sperm remain.

The egg is covered with a layer of cells called the corona radiata.

The sperm must push through this layer to reach the outer layer of the egg, the zona pellucida.

When sperm reach the zona pellucida, they attach to specialized sperm receptors on the surface, which triggers their acrosomes to release digestive enzymes, enabling the sperm to burrow into the layer.

Inside the zona pellucida is a narrow, fluid-filled space just outside the egg cell membrane.

The first sperm to make contact will fertilize the egg.

After a perilous journey and against incredible odds, a single sperm attaches to the egg cell membrane.

Within a few minutes, their outer membranes fuse, and the egg pulls the sperm inside.

This event causes changes in the egg membrane that prevent other sperm from attaching to it.

Next, the egg releases chemicals that push other sperm away from the egg and create an impenetrable fertilization membrane.

As the reaction spreads outward, the zona pellucida hardens, trapping any sperm unlucky enough to be caught inside.

Outside the egg, sperm are no longer able to attach to the zona pellucida.

Meanwhile, inside the egg, the tightly packed male genetic material spreads out.

A new membrane forms around the genetic material, creating the male pronucleus.

Inside, the genetic material reforms into 23 chromosomes.

The female genetic material, awakened by the fusion of the sperm with the egg, finishes dividing, resulting in the female pronucleus, which also contains twenty-three chromosomes.

As the male and female pronuclei form, spiderweb-like threads. called microtubules, pull them toward each other.

The two sets of chromosomes join together, completing the process of fertilization.

At this moment, a unique genetic code arises, instantly determining gender, hair color, eye color and hundreds of other characteristics.

This new single cell, the zygote, is the beginning of a new human being.

And now the cilia in the fallopian tube gently sweep the zygote toward the uterus where he or she will implant in the rich uterine lining, growing and maturing for the next nine months until ready for birth.


Twilight Sparkle says:

Now you have made the connection between Fertilization and The Destruction
of the Death Star 

Trisha Dutta says:

This is a really good demonstration of fertilization (and some of the
comments below are hilarious! :D)

Marc E says:

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Paul Ivan Villacrusis says:

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hiphopsimile101 says:

Wow…….human life is so complex and intricate, yet somehow, it’s just a
random event. -_-

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Lovely medical video on human conception.

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LMG Light-Machine-Gun says:

How do the sperm know exactly what they supposed to do?

Mauricio Rodriguez says:

lol so bored looking at random stuff xD

Tanusha Lall says:

so in other words, without a woman we cant be born

ednuttah says:

I’d very much like someone to check this data I found. The Sperm I
calculated travels an average of 12,080 times it’s own length. Ovum travels
2090 times it’s own length. I used Sperm = 50um and Ovum 100um, average vas
deferens = 300mm average , average urethra = 200mm, average Vaginal canal =
104mm. Average Fallopian tube = 105mm all mean averages not mode or median.
how close are the calcs? http://www.convertunits.com/from/mm/to/micron

Munir Salim says:

Aww I am so proud of myself now.. I made it all way long

Abby HoneyWaffles says:

poor sperms :(

Hollyweed says:

So based on this (as explained at 4:17 ) all the sperms that die actually
carry the same DNA and gene, its like a copy / paste of 300 million sperms
just to raise the odds of succeeding to the egg. It doesnt mean that if one
arrives first it is defined as THE sperm which you developed but instead
whats more important is the inside of it which carries the same genes and
dna as all the other sperms that didnt make it in the first place.

So basically it really doesnt matter which sperm arrives first to fertilize
the egg, YOU (the gene inside) will still be carried by one of them and
today be here. 

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If u just conceived a child, this video is amazing :)

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This was so soothing to watch. . But forgot I’m only 17 and really don’t
wanna get anyone pregnant yet XD

Gareth Willis says:

This would make a great Pixar Movie…just saying.

Taylor Trinh says:

That’s beautiful 

Min Na says:

Science of fertility is just too amazing!
Too bad people nowadays dont know the beauty of this and ends up using
pills or abortion for these things especially teenagers.. 

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fertilisation and conception mean same thing??

Michael E. Wallendorf says:

This is actually fascinating…

lMooncalf says:

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Ray Butt says:

So that’s when human life begins, and all this time the media, leftist
media said it doesn’t begin until this new life leaves the mothers body.
1.2 million a year killed in abortions and they call it “freedom of
choice”… what a shame of humanity.

owencrean1 says:

This was how i found out where babies come from since mommy and daddy said
i was too young 

Katherine Russ says:

4:18 starts to look like the antichrist is being created

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