Classical Tunes for Babies, from the Womb to the World

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A special collection of soothing music, to establish the special bond of love between you and your baby. Courtesy of Abbott Nutrition – maker of Similac Mum.


C Pokorski says:

How do we know the baby isn’t kicking “turn this shit off!”

Ludwig van Beethoven says:

Hi! Please check my channel for a really nice and relaxing music for your
babies! Thanks :)

Debby Gapas says:

yes my baby inside my tummy was moving while i put the headset on my…and lovely

Teneysia Perry says:

I played this to my womb and the baby immediately began kicking

Chelle moore says:

My daughter plays this On her Belly All the Time the babys goes Crazy…
good Melodys

myrriam david says:

my baby kicking everytime i put my headset,on my tummy hehehe so
coolllllllll…have a blessed day everyone

원은영 says:

Baby is cute!

Andy Valle says:

What’s the song at 35:00 ? 

Vernarie De Leon says:

Hi, does anybody know the titles of each piece in this compilation? thank

len leen says:

Thanks for this lovely compilation <3

Rose Lopez says:

You have the best selection of classical music, I put my granddaughter to
sleep with your music and I LOVE it myself!!! Thank you.

Mark Si says:

thank you for uploading this beautiful video music~ Could anyone let me
know what is the name of the first song please? Thank you very much. Best

emil val gabriel albutra says:

this could be a very good compilation….my 2 yrs & my 5 months babies
sleep within 10 mins…i play it whole night long…thanks for sharing this

Vernarie De Leon says:

love this part 18:20

Rasha Coicou says:

My baby kicks when the music goes off if I’m sleeping… If I’m taking he
moves around 

Teneysia Perry says:

I played this to my womb and the baby immediately began kicking

Mohamed Ahmed says:

Classical Tunes for Babies, from the Womb to the …:

Alana Gazaway says:

Poop is a stripper… know nothing twit

Buffy Hensley says:

Love letting my baby listen tothis while in thw whome.

Maritza Venerio says:

Classical Tunes for Babies, from the Womb to the …:

Suzanne Zea says:

What’s the song at min. 14:00 ?

Reese eli jade Soriano says:

Good night

RealJGII says:

What’s the first song name?

ALLYgator says:

Lol the first one is one I play on piano for my baby sister!

Sergio Terron says:


Martin Limsan 11 says:

He’s coming soon and hes name is Adrian Ritz, every time i open my PC i
always listen to this classical song for him and hes coming sooooonnnn.

IlzaM says:

01 Bach_ A Lover’s Concerto
02 Bach_ Concerto No. 5 In F Minor
03 Mozart_ A Little Night Music
04 Vivaldi_ The 4 Seasons, Autumn
05 Tchaikovsky_ March Of The Tin Sol
06 Dvork_ Humoresque
07 Pachelbel_ Canon In DMajor
08 Mazart_ Turkish March
09 Tchaikovsky_ Waltz Of The Flowers
10 Beethoven_ Moonlight Sonata
11 Chopin_ Fantasie Impromtu
12 Saint-Saens_ The Carnivals Of The
13 Offenbach_ The Tales Of Hoffman
14 Mozart_ Syn No. 40 In G Minor
15 Bach_ Minuet In D Minor

Eric Lara says:

Why didn’t the baby

brittany pena says:

My baby kicks to music its amazing
My baby loves sound

Vernarie De Leon says:

this has been her music from conception to 4 months old! thank you!

Ashley Cervantes says:

Forget the last comment I meant I will love my mrs. Varghese baby she’s
funny Mrs. Varghese will make u lol

Amber Marie says:

My babygirl kicks hard core when I play this music. Im 22 weeks & she’s got
strong little feets already♥

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