Beyonce Pregnant in a Bikini With a Blue Ivy Plant

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Beyoncé shared more than 100 intimate photos on her brand new Tumblr site in honor of her fourth wedding anniversary with Jay-Z. She posted a few home videos as well, including one where the bikini-clad and pregnant pop star poses next to a “Blue Ivy” plant. Check out the personal footage in today’s PopSugar Rush.


LaProfetesse says:

Guys, she did a surgery and had her ribs removed.

Jennifer Conners says:

you can clearly see the fullness at the bottom of her stomach she was
indeed pregnant

Atypic Number says:

You call that a pregnant belly !?!?!?! Hahahahah are you kidding !!! Every
NOT PREGNANT woman can blow her belly like that, it’s ridiculous ! If she
really was pregnant, she would have shown her belly near the end of her
pregnancy (like all other stars do) ! Wake up ! She had a surrogate (just
like Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc…), and she’ll eventually
confess it, when she’s ready to. No one will hate her for it ! What people
hate is lies !

MariahistheBae says:

You guys say that she was never pregnant and that the “bitch” is bloated.
But she was probably 16 weeks, around the time when you can find out the
gender of your baby. Since you have time to hate, you would have had the
time to watch her documentary to where you could actually see her bump.
Most women who are 16 weeks barely even show if they have some curves or
are very thin. So shut the hell up and stop hating with your broke asses.

Vocalz3 says:

I was a person who also though Beyoncé faked her pregnancy til I noticed
her boobs were huge & she picked up a lot of weight…SO I AM NO LONGER

Victoria savage says:

I think it was all fake just like them FAKE!!!

Mikaela Garrido says:

Fake beyonce like bieber

Victoria savage says:

I think it was all fake just like them FAKE!!!

liam barbara says:


Vocalz3 says:

It took me a few shots to see SHE WAS INDEED PREGNANT cuz her BOOBS were
HUGE!! Lol

Maranda Smith says:

No black line down her belly?

Fernando diniz says:

+she showed her giant belly, the documentary, the BBC, she had already
shown her belly before rumors started, just had not been released, the
documentary, my god, how people are so stupid, do not understand the
difference creasing between a dress and a belly wither, pregnant buy bigger
clothes that your number because your belly will grow, so your dress off
creased when she doubled up when,,, buros will believe tabloids ???
taboides live audience of people with low qi.

kfernan41 says:

Yall are still talking about how she faked her pregnancy! SMH

Jennifer Conners says:

you don’t have to have a line down the middle of your stomach to be
pregnant every woman is different it could have appeared months later

Cynthia Mitchell says:

I do think Beyonce had Blue Ivy because you can clearly see her bare
stomach on camera pregnant. If she wasn’t preggo she would not have gained
weight & her breast also grew. I think she did have Blue Ivy & was not
faking her pregnancy at all. Love B!!! <3

Akeisha Harris says:

That’s how my belly look after a couple of burgers and fries. I’m far from
being pregnant.

maybewise says:

+rolandaparker38 You’re a dumbass. She doesn’t bleach her skin. Dramatic

Bianca Polo says:

That belly is buldged!!!

chikitawitaa says:


E-J Thompson says:

B.L.U.E: Born Living Under Evil
I.V.Y: Illuminate’s Very Youngest
Yvi Eulb: (blue ivy backwards) Latin for ‘Lucifer’s daughter’
One messed up girl.

Jeremy Cb says:

It could be a beer belly, I know she liked to drink, maybe she still does!

Dee Kelly says:

I never had one =/

zoka mars says:

just watched beyonces movie and haters are gonna be dissapointed cause she
was pregnent!

Pamela De Nicolo says:

a lot of celebs get pregnant and then they walk around with heels -.-“

Raffin Lou says:

Victoria Beckham walked around in Louboutin during her pregnancy … waw,
baby’s still alive !

hear fan says:

if so be the case why hide it. Just come out and tell the truth!

ambrosialmien says:

I don’t see her ribs showing. And by the way, some pregnant mothers’
ribcages do expand while pregnant.

k nava says:

A bunch of saten worshippers sooo sad.

Monique McLaughlin says:

Oh and bending over…reaching over your head…wearing heels…dancing
does not harm the baby. I’ve experienced pregnancy three times and all
without complications.

tamika buford says:

if she did fake her pregnancy then maybe she couldn’t carry children and if
that’s the case she has that right to do that and present that to her child
when SHE is ready. if she was conceived through a surrogate or not is her
and jay-z’s business not everyone else’s. a child is a blessing from God
and He makes no mistakes. beyonce and jay z are only human at best just
like us only they are under surveillance 24/7.

Brian Sanchez says:

i can make my stomack blow like that

O. B. Sithole says:

SO, according to some of y’all, ribs have to automatically disappear during
pregnancy? She was not even 6 months pregnant in that video. and oh, by the
way pregnancy is different with every woman. Lots of Darwins out there

Adélle Johnsén says:

Can you actually see her ribs in the movie? Or only in the photos that can
be photoshopped? I wonder how much money a magazine would get for having a
picture like that… I’ve been pregnant twice and I’ve had alot of dresses
like hers and they could deflate while I was her size when I was going to
sit down. Yes, my DRESS could deflate, while I was pregnant. And I wore
high heels very often and I had no trouble dancing in the first 7 months my
pregnancy, after that it got a little bit harder.

PenaIize says:

“And we passed by this beautiful blue…tree.”

Miss Fenix says:

proud to be croatian :)

kim jun ew says:

i look like that when i eat a triple cheeseburger from wendy’s. beyonce is
worth too much moola to be preggers. sadly when she had two ribs removed in
the rise of her career, she damaged something and cannot carry. she had
more than two miscarrages. and from a very reliable source, she paid a
woman from costa rica whom they moved to another country to have their
child. dont you wonder why they took so many trips to the islands? and they
looked like business trips more than a vacay. lol fans..smh

alexandra says:

I think the reason her belly deflated when she sat down was because of her
dress, so I think it wasn’t the belly it was the loose dress she was
wearing… now the pictures going around of he baby Blue… I gotta be
honest they all look like different babies. But who knows, its not my
problem in the end :/ so oh well, I guess her fans will have to see when
Blue grows up

Cee Bee says:

whenever a celebrity gets pregnant and doesn’t want to plaster her pregnant
body all over the tabloids and do a naked photo shoot with vogue people
think they’re faking. Ever think that some celebrities just want to keep
the most private and special experience of their lives private and special?
Pregnancy isn’t the time to be an attention whore. It’s not a time to try
and prove yourself to your fans and the public. Beyonce and Jay were always
private, so it’s no surprise they didn’t do that shit

rachel louis says:

Didn’t she have the baby in like February???? So how was she pregnant in
September!!!! So all in total she was like only 5 or 6 months pregnant
….sum thin don’t add up he

GGFabulous AndTheyKnowIt says:

i like beyonce but this whole pregnancy has been sketchy. theres no doubt
that that baby is hers and jay -z’s but i totally think that she had a
surrogate. beyonce did not carry that child. unless she has pics of herself
at FULL TERM wearing something that shows her bare belly then i wont b
convinced. cuz that video of her tummy folding while sitting down really
got me mindfucked o_o

Jamilah Wallace says:

I agree with you Taylor Carvillo. Ppl sweatin Beyonce too hard for me

Jamilah Wallace says:

she never carried blue ivy

msaharris20 says:

Did you just say “HEARED”?! Your argument is invalid. Wow, jesus be a

Deezignerkid1 says:

that tummy looks bloated. not pregnant’ must be painfull havin air trapped
or constipation…lmao

Ann Lovely says:

An eleven year old girl was playing tag outside and her stomach was flat,
her body was shaped like an hour glass though. She had a baby that night.
The baby was in her hips. She had been sleeping with the quiet 21 year old
man who lived in the building. Her father had a nervous breakdown,
afterwards. Back then, a lot of people did not know about statutory rape. I
say this to say, every woman is different, shape wise. My friends ribs
always showed during her pregnancies. Killer abs.

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