Baby #2 : 37 Weeks Pregnant + EXTRA huge Belly!

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testforfap says:


Supervictor1211 says:

wow what is wrong with some people 

lamborghini4175 says:

are you asian?

Amy Douangmany says:

Yes, I have been gaining an easy 1-3 lbs per day, I feel like I can be at
150lbs before labor which scares me, my first pregnancy I gained a total of
35lbs, for this one, I gained 36lbs and still have a week to go which can
get pretty ugly because I’ve been drinking so much water and eating more
too :) ~Amy(Currently 142lbs)

Amy Douangmany says:

I’m a US Citizen with Laotian background

MrRobotman826 says:

Would you text me? :(

Jill Tsuruda says:

You look amazing Amy! You have a very beautiful belly. And I love all of
your outfits to. They’re so cute! I would love to see you make some outfit
of the day videos before you have your baby. Congratulations and good luck!

MrRobotman826 says:

would you text me? :(

Malik Miller says:

You have a big belly

Amy Douangmany says:

i know!! :) ~Amy

Jadit Jack adit says:

woww amazing

Amy Douangmany says:

Yeah, it’s pretty peaceful and I find things to do to keep me busy which
includes a nice hot bubble bath, Candy Crush and research (I like to read
and learn new things whenever I have the chance) Thanks for watching ~Amy

Amy Douangmany says:

thank you :) ~Amy

Amy Douangmany says:

A lot of people panic and question me when they see how big I am, then I go
question the doctor and they look at my belly as if it’s normal, I know
it’s really big and it’s way above average in size but they seem to think
it’s no big deal, I feel like I’m soooo stretched out that I can actually
pop lol ~Amy

doikus says:

youre husband is the luckiest man on the planet

Katie Banks says:

I seriously can’t believe how huge you are! Thats not dangerous is it?…
Its impossible for a belly to explode right?! haha, :). What percentage of
your weight is pregnancy weight? I’d guess at least 30%. You should
consider doing a video where you try on clothes that fit pre-pregnancy. LOL
Loving the updates, congrats!

Babetext says:

You have such a huge belly it’s so amazing

Amy Douangmany says:

I won’t be doing a labor video, I will share my experience when it happens

ilovenbcnews says:

that is one honkingly huge sexy ass belly :)

Amy Douangmany says:

thanks! I will try to do a few outfit of the day videos before I go into
labor, I don’t think I have too many outfits left for this body lol ~Amy

BOjdiof says:

You may have a big belly. But you look cute and gorgeous. :)

jojo jaja says:

oh my.. what a belly!

Amy Douangmany says:

Yes, very big, it’s not even cool, I’m like a panic and threat to others
because they don’t know what to do if I have to suddenly go into labor lol
:) ~Amy

Andrew T.C. Griffith says:

That is a bummer about you up when they aren’t. I do most my stuff at night
so I’m usually alone. But good luck until you deliver.

hendra irawan says:

you look so cute

Amy Douangmany says:

I’m 5’4″ and he’s (baby’s father) about 5′ 10″ so it’s probably because
he’s so tall that my babies are so big in my tummy. My first baby was 8.9oz
delivered by csection after dilating to 9 centimeters ~Amy

Amy Douangmany says:

thank you! ~Amy

jfingers15 says:

All women should look as good as you do when they are pregnant! Your weight
gain is all baby, just as it should be. Yes, you look pretty big, but your
a bit shorter than average, right? It’s a visual effect, but your baby is
just fine. How big was your first one?

Amy Douangmany says:


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