9 weeks pregnant and belly!

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The pictures taken in the beginning of the vid were all taken in the morning with an empty bladder and stomach.

Weight is also taken in the morning with empty bladder and stomach. I am 5’6:
6 weeks: 129.2
7 weeks:132.2
8 weeks: 132.2
9 weeks: 132.4
So after 3 cycles following my miscarriage in October we got our BFP! Our rainbow baby is due October 2012! Hoping this pregnancy ends with a happy, healthy baby in my arms :) This is my 3rd pregnancy and will be our second child. We are so thrilled to be giving our 3 yr old son a baby sister or brother :)

Rainbow Baby: a baby conceived after the loss of another child.

“Rainbow Babies” are the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it does not mean that the storm never happened or that the family is not still dealing with its aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and the clouds. Storm clouds may still loom over but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color, energy, and much needed hope”


Amanda Carrillo says:

Your heartburn is coming from tomatoes a very acidic , ketchup sauce tomato
sauce any type of sauce like that . 

jennifer NL says:

i’ve heard that beaked hazelwood necklaces can help a lot with heartburn,
and nausea during pregnancy! also, my stretchmarks look pretty much exactly
like yours!

crunch103 says:

I also tried the telligender one… My result were a boy. At my 20 weeks
u/s – tech #1 told me, IT’S A GIRL!! then at 27 weeks, tech #2 told us,
IT’S A BOY!!!! sooo… Yeah… Now I’m 34 weeks… We r a bit nervous as
the dday comes bc who knows if baby IS really a g/b??! Ugh…

Angelica Estrada says:

heartburns your baby is going to have alot of hair

whitney j says:

Have you been experiencing mild period cramping? This is my first
pregnancy, and I have been having mild period cramps and I was wondering if
anyone else has or if it is normal.

wickedgothchick says:

its definitely to soon for that test..im on my 5th child and bought it
everytime they never were right i always got the other sex lol it wasn’t
worth all the money

heath2Babigbrother says:

Horray for getting past the 9weeks + 3 days mark! You have a super sticky
little bean in there! :) You’re looking great! Nothing like mummy marks! :)

Kenna Mayhew says:

i love your stretch marks :)

dreamflight6000 says:

Oooo! Fun gender tests! I can’t wait!

cayhuff says:

OMG, it’s crazy to watch your belly pictures! I’m eleven weeks and I’m not
even showing yet! Wowww.

Jordan Lee says:

@Kmfish1 From their site: “In a natural process, fetal cells die and pass
into the mother’s bloodstream. As these cells break down, fetal DNA is
released into the mother’s own circulatory system”

KatelinAB says:

I used to gag and dry heave all the time…yuck! But I have to say, despite
having stretchmarks you look amazing. Your tummy looks tight and awesome!
You wear them well!!

thegoinggreenmama says:

Can you tell me who I was being mean to? If you read my comment I was
talking about myself having stretch marks and saggy skin.

mandjandc says:

Yay! I think you have a little girl in there :)

Jordan Lee says:

@AubreysMom2010 yes ma’am! Got them on sale for 15 bucks :)

raven brunson says:

I think that it was a great idea to show ur stretchmarks. Very inspiring, i
was debating on whether or not i should and watching this has brang me to a
conclusion, I’m gonna do it! So thanks lol!

Kmfish1 says:

I’m so excited for you and your rainbow baby! I’m wondering, though- how
can a blood test tell you anything about your baby’s gender when maternal
and fetal blood supplies never cross into each other? The oxygen and
nutrients from your blood are absorbed through the placenta, and the
deoxygenated blood follows the same path. Moms and babies never share
blood! Just confused.

Glen Coco says:

Thanks for sharing!!

WithGodsGrace says:

So exciting to have made it to this point!! I know how worried you were
leading up to this day with this pregnancy. That DNA gender thing is cool.
I’ve never seen/heard of that one. Looking forward to hearing a review on
it. Also, can’t wait for you to have your first appt. and ultrasound :-)

amanda m says:

i am 8 weeks tomorrow and i am soooooooooooooo sick. hate feeling like i am
going to vomitt all the time. i am worse at night too

MaxFamily says:

You are so beautiful!! Thank you for showing what a real women looks like
:) I cannot bring myself to show my bare belly I’m a little more lose and a
few more marks, but thank you for being so brave!!!

BellaMorte says:

thats great! when i was 9 weeks i had more acid reflux every single time i
ate! im now 10w exactly, wish u the best :) also i had mc in dec i also
worry alot for every lil thing, but i just try keep positive.

JMDMBM says:

Good thing your diapers are okay. They’re so expensive.

Stephanie Ennis says:

thank you so much for showing your stretch marks. my stomach looks exactly
the same, i’m just a bit bigger than you though lol, but i hate watching
these vlogs and see those perfect stomachs, i start thinking that i’m the
only one that got covered in them

MrsPrincessDie says:

Have you tried the tums smoothies? I think that they are better than
regular tums. They go down better. Either that or try the walmart brand.
They taste like smarties. :) where do you get those gender tests from? I
have never heard of them…

Erika Wagner says:

Where do you get the gender test from

Jordan Lee says:

@frowniebrown86 really??? I didn’t know you had them!! I debated whether or
not to show my belly but then realized if I show my stomach maybe some
women out there won’t feel bad if they have stretch marks too. I always
feel bad when all the girls have perfect bellies on here.

crunch103 says:

I was exactly like u. Never ever had heartburn till I got pregnant. And it
sucks that it hits me hard at night time! Take it as a good sign, heard ppl
saying that baby will have lots of hair bc of the heartburn? haha.

kklick3 says:

Tomatoes are really acidic and give me heartburn sometimes and im not
pregnant right now. Maybe stay away from spaghetti and pizza sauce until
your tummy isn’t as upset. I’ve been a subscriber for a while now but never
comment. It’s nice seeing such hard working and loving young mother’s!

sassyassxxx83 says:

so glad to hear everything is fine!! crazy that were about 3 weeks apart!!
im 6w2d :)

fordy304 says:

Just wanted to say even though you do have a lot of stretch marks your
belly is still totally gorgeous and I hope you’re not self conscious about
it! The more people who show off their stretch marks the less of a big deal
they will become and the less everyone will have to worry about them in

aredhella says:

Stretch marks are the new sexy, you gave your body up to create life. Good
for you for being brave enough to show them to the world.

Ashley Hernandez says:

My stretch marks look exactly the same…it’s our battle wounds but they
are beautiful!!! :)

Artem Damzhan says:

Hi! I’m Jessica.I did -10 lbs in 1 week.Go to hawght.so#BX5J

Dizzyblueful says:

I got some stretch marks with my son in really strange places like my rib
cage? I used “Bio-Oil” for 3 months straight. After every shower and
usually at night and morning and they completely smoothed over and lost
that shiny color stretch marks have. I also use the oil on my stretched
ears.I recommend it to anyone.

Jordan Lee says:

@thegoinggreenmama welp it’s been 3 years so I don’t think mine is going
anywhere lol. Scars (which are what stretchmarks are) do not tighten back
up b/c they are scar tissue.

AusMumma111 says:

Thank you for showing your stretch marks! I am covered also and really
don’t care that I have them! I think there beautiful! :) our battle scars!
Keep it up! I find out if I’m pregnant in 2 weeks so hopefully I’m not too
far behind you!

holdendmb says:

You are such a pretty Momma! Thank you for showing off those stretch marks,
they are not bad at all, but it is SO important for women to show off our
imperfections. You are not the only one with them, that is for sure!

Julie Brown says:

i’m pregnant with my first and have stretch marks similar to yours, and i
was wondering how long it look them to fade?

thegoinggreenmama says:

I have bad stretch marks too and LOTS of saggy skin. Does the saggyness
every go away?!

Allyshia Marie says:

My little girl is a rainbow baby :) I didn’t even know the term til now! I
miscarried in June 09 and was pregnant with her in June ’10 after trying
for about 5 months. This pregnancy was unplanned and we are SUPER excited
:) Already got a midwife, car seat, baby clothes and more! My first
prenatal appointment is Mar. 27 at 9 weeks :) Then they are scheduling our
first ultrasounds for about 12 weeks :) Happy you’re carrying healthily!

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