9 Months Of Gestation In 30 Seconds

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lisa-fatima melly says:


John Smith says:

@ickledancerxox I understand what you are saying but the dictionary
definition for Amazing is to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder;
astonish greatly. 2.Obsolete. to bewilder; perplex.

arcnoria says:


PrimevalHunter300 says:

awwww :)

muhahahag says:

allah annenli babali büyütsün

entoris476 says:

@RentTheSpokeMan nothing new, but amazing to see for the first time for
some people

Ellen Overmier says:

Awwww (: cute baby

myforbidden says:

I think alot of you are missing the point of the word “amazing”. It’s not
supposed to be “amazing” for you, but for her, the mother. This is her
miracle, not yours, so stop ruining it for her, please… At the end of the
day, you are commenting on her video and her pregnancy. I love this, and I
wish I could share it with you ^^

joeri veenhuizen says:

that dad is pregnant too, of cheesburgers XD

jules4socca says:

how many babies?

clariroxursox07 says:

awwww this is beautiful


what an awesome video!! i am at the halfway point myself…….and already
not looking forward to getting bigger!!! thanks alot and congrats!!

tumi1234 says:

I lol’d

Ravindra Tewari says:

female is the creator of another. one drop of sperm form male, woman do the
rest. amazing. I love Women .

KShortii90 says:

This is beautiful. :)

GoodGuideOnlyForYou says:

Woman is super human. Men can not do it. I like Women

Ani Badalean says:

You both look SO NICE!!! Happy Birthday!!!

mykukies says:


JsnHardy says:

@NomadicScrotum stfu dumbass. Take it somewhere else.

toshiba409 says:

nice very nice baby he looks like angel

donnuh says:

u should of took a pic every day since u found out u were pregnant.

gTwInZerZ says:


mwarrior17 says:

why is it getting so big….!!!

Vinicius Galvão says:

how many babies r there? OMFG

Kate Moffatt says:

Your baby is so beautiful. Looks quite big, what was the weight?
Congratulations, he must be 2 now!!!

Alexandra Toepfer says:

very sweet! congratulations on your little one!

TheOmgew says:

ew…wtf?! >_> no way is this cool this is gross

Allyshia Marie says:

awee what a cute little baby <3

baabyT09 says:


livelaughlovekatie95 says:

When I didnt think It could get any bigger, it just kept growing !

AgressiveScribbler says:

@RentTheSpokeMan Okay, let’s see you have a baby, asshat.

A1lHopeisGone says:

@Mati009 Click on where it shows the views and scroll down. It shows what
age the people are who viewed this vid.

sarah20xoxo says:

cool. thanks for sharing.

timthehippie says:

So how much was the weight on that bundle of joy? Timothy :o)

Tina Rapson says:

@smile3812 Shhh. That’s a typo not a spelling mistake XD lol

Jana Borisa says:

I love the ending says “the beggining”.. that’s true and sweet :)

angelgoneastray says:

beautiful. :]

Brandi Edmonds says:

oh wow that was great… Im due in March and not looking forward to those
last couple of months but your pics looked great

musicfreakhoch3 says:

you have a very sweet baby…

oldfartatplay1320 says:

@redsmooch989 I wish I could vote you up about a gazillion times. I’ve
always felt woemn are intrinsically superior to men for that reason. And
don’t leave out that they nourish the baby with their bodies after the baby
is born via their breasts!

msbaddassbarbie says:

That was cute it looked like it was more than 1 baby

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