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Funny Perineal Massage video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtJMXZs2Rg0
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Here is my pregnancy update! I talk about my symptoms, stretch marks, weight gain, and belly shot!

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Jean Peterson says:

And who loves fruit so much? JB!!! Love these old videos especially now
that I’m expecting. 

1945roosevelt says:

It seems that a lot of pregnant ladies crave watermelon. I have no idea

Adulis Beraki says:

Had her the next day lol :)

Hannah Prince says:

You look fabulous for a pregnant woman! You are such a good mummy! Xxxxxxx
love you!!

mseby228 says:

crazy you went into labor that night!

1945roosevelt says:

Regarding the cutting… My mother never tired of telling me how the docs
had to cut her to get my shoulders out. This is what we call an
Italian-American Catholic guilt trip.

Carolina Bueno says:

Your hair in this video is beyond beautiful!!!!

Dylan Black says:

And now u have twins lol

peardrax77 says:

Judy FYI that perineal massage video is made by an actress!!!! This is just
some funny videos done by that actress while she was pregnant. Look in her
description bar for her real name.

evilord70 says:

Fap fap fap 

josephine valencia says:

you’re look very very pretty here!

Bianca Maria Berg says:

4:46 I think this is a generalized statement and is not true at all. I am
39 weeks and I haven’t got stretch marks. My mother did not get stretch
marks in all of her 3 pregnancies. Maybe it is genetics, but you can’t
generalize an say they are hereditary O-o anyways, besides that I enjoy
your vloggs a lot Judy. 

tshuavkuvlawmxwb2 says:

me too! i thought i was blessed with no stretch marks! but then i noticed
some around my belly button. i’m 38 weeks today!

Diamond Gurl says:

October 25 is when the shaytards new baby was born, Daxton!

CarolinaGirl76 says:

Awwww….This update brings a tear to your eye now………Bet you never
imagined she was gonna come that quick after making this video……As you
were showing the belly shot and breathing thru that contraction, you could
just see it in your actions, she was on her way!! You guys are the best,
and that’s one beautiful lil girl!

mhmcupcakes says:

As a girl myself, its kind of scary this whole pregnantcy thing :O i guess
it feels completely natural and all once youre in it but its still quite

applebug says:

Judy your belly was huge!! omg :)

Parakrama Tennakoon says:

If you seriously want to bulk up, you should do a Google search “Epic Max
Muscle”. That might help you get the body you deserve.

ilovenbcnews says:

you are so freakin’ hot :)

beautyambitionsTV says:

catching up…can’t wait…must watch in order !!! btw you can see your
baby glow good here

anribraun says:

I know

Karina Hosein says:

Wow this is amazing with julliana and now they are having twinies

abbbyyyy108 says:

Wow judy your so small and your belly got so big!!!! Juliana is definatly a
big happy bear!!

kalia yang says:

awww… the belly is sooo cute!

Carmen Ng says:

It’s so cute how you go into the hospital tomorrow night!

Thomas Jansen says:

How Old are you three

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