3 hours long Mozart playlist for baby brain. Also good for a pregnant woman.

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3 hours long Mozart playlist for baby brain. Also good for a pregnant woman.

Classical music BGM from Mozart to relax and to develop your baby brain.


Randy Clark says:

What develops a fetus is good genetics; and the mamma not smoking
cigarettes, boozing or doing dope. How can a fetus even hear music through
a water layer? Impossible. Somebody call Myth busters. I can never find
out how to reach them. I am sure they can get two pregnant chicks and make

Todd says:

I listened to this with my first born and he was born Chinese with a
doctorate’s degree in medicine. I don’t even have to do anything as a
parent. He moved out and got a steady career in a big house. So glad I
clicked the YouTube video, I never knew sounds could act as cheat codes for
fetus development.

rissa wawa says:

thanks for sharing..Im now 4 months pregnant 2nd child..and I use headphone
& attached to my tummy..this is what I applied for my 1st daughter..it’s
work with the help of Allah..insyaAllah

shel dudas says:

what the song playing at 40:00 ? please? 😀 AThx!

mitsovios rex says:

also good for a pregnant woman hahahha i don’t know why i found it so funny

Vernon Hipolito says:

Pls. What title of the music 0:00

Kaj Te Briga says:

This is a lie actually. A pregnant woman should listen to whatever music
she likes, because if she doesn’t like classical music it’s not going to do
her baby any good.

Karla Skittle says:

It’s an excelent selection of themes, I play it near my belly when I go to
sleep everynight it’s very relaxing, I just love it!

Oli K says:

The photo is Oxford University btw or, more precisely, one of the colleges
thereof (Christ Church).

Jose Saenz says:

Suave musica.

Artur Ibatullin says:

I am feeling “Happy”

Cynthia F says:

HI. What is the title of the music at 1:53 please?

Clara Avery says:

Love this great classical music it for me!!!!

Alex Chang says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Dimitris Tataridis says:

…Also for every biota in this planet!

amor ly says:

The best classical music collection! Thanks for the upload.

Aripin Siboro says:


ale gibbons says:


Mr. Jones says:

I’m developing my baby brain (y)

Prixy Casamayor says:

i love this!!! I am 4 months pregnant right now and i want to download
this. How?

I B SuArka says:


Sine Top says:

Thanks for share^^

kritika tribunchongsilpa says:
klaudian ballhysa says:

ok bukur

angelie yares says:
Iwona Mikolajczyk says:
Armani Davincci says:

i love Mozart…

angelie yares says:
Лада Лигай says:

Замечательное видео! мне понравилось, молодец!) Вообще уважаю труд тех кто
делает видео, и ведет свои каналы. Я сама веду канал и знаю, как это
непросто – записывать ролики.
Так держать!

classical music BGM (English title version) says:


Ratchanok Kumsiri says:


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