20 Weeks Pregnant Vlog & Belly

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LoraAndLayton says:

@Lindsay2313 I’ve ALWAYS lived in two or three story houses. I’m SOOO
excited to live on ONE level lol!! NO stairs!! Hahaha! I know what you mean
though! The grass is always greener on the other side lol

horseylover123 says:

Were you about this size when you were prenant with Tripp at this time??

LoraAndLayton says:

@YoungProudMom Aww thank you :o) That’s so nice!

miscy83 says:

Yay for the house!!(And the one floor!!!) Can’t wait to see the next vid of
Trip! He gets funnier every month :)

LoraAndLayton says:

@ljewkes Aww thanks!!

BabiesAreBlessings2 says:

Thats such a cute swimsuit. I’m so happy that you guys got your house. We
are moving to a home on the 29th so I totally understand how exciting that
is! Tripp and Duckie are going to have so much fun in their yard. I’m sure
we will see some videos of Tripp out there this summer!!

lizseibert2436 says:

omg that bathing suit is awesome!!!! i LOVE it! 5 monthssss

TRLOVE1618 says:


rosab922 says:

Ummm where did you get your swim suit?

LoraAndLayton says:

@claudia62782 I thought I wanted it to go by slowly, but now that it’s
going by so fast, I’m just getting more and more excited and ready to meet
him!! I’m sure I’ll want it to slow down at some point, but right now I’m
enjoying it!

Kameryn Nein says:

I’m 20 weeks and I’m round but at the end it’s flat I think it’s because I
was chubby before and so I have a tad bit of fat at the top lol

CoolCrusha says:

wow, time is flying half way already

LoraAndLayton says:

@ambermg Aww :o) I think so too!! I can’t wait to meet him either, omg!!

Susann Spilger says:

You made me wanna have a baby. And I never wanted one….But seeing you so
happy makes me wanna have that too…. Congrats on the house and ducky half
way ready;-)

LoraAndLayton says:

@jsscathmpsn Aww thanks!!

Amber lynn says:

wow your so small lol im jealous

rosab922 says:

@Loraandlayton Awe well I like it! Thanks!

LoraAndLayton says:

@hailbop87 Thank you!! Trust me, it’s tough to get them done on the EXACT
day every week! But if I’m late, I get a million messages with ppl freaking
out hahah!

LoraAndLayton says:

@lemondropsforever Thank you! Yea, working out does wonders! Just makes you
feel better, all around!

kimweisenberger says:

Yeah for halfway till the new baby is here! Congrats on getting the new
house! Hope it works out great!

LoraAndLayton says:

@nmoney53 I don’t remember :o/ I ordered it on line 4 years ago! I had to
have a one piece where I worked. I won’t fit in it much longer lol!

Audreysmommie says:

YAY you guys got the house!! That is so exciting! Duckie looks a lo like
Tripp did when he was born! SO cute!

Mossyoakgrl says:

My dad’s ex’s son had a Cars room theme. It was so cute. The walls were
blue and had cars wall stickers all over it and he had cars bedding and
stuff too. He loved it. We all love that movie :)

Stbsfa says:

Aww that’s so cute!! Congrats on ur boy! XD

LoraAndLayton says:

@mrssammymartin I like my hair down :o)

SarahMarieWilson says:

I would like to send you some stuff I make if you could send me your PoBox
that would be awesome.

LoraAndLayton says:

@DevinandErica It FLIES by!! SO crazy!!

LoraAndLayton says:

@SuhWeet12489 Once we have the boys rooms done, I’ll definitely show y’all

LoraAndLayton says:

@jannali09 Aww thanks so much! Yep, I’m growing away!!

LoraAndLayton says:

@xxTIFFANYYxx Nope, I’m a stay at home Momma :o)

CrazyCoolShorty says:

Happy 20 Weeks Lora Love !!! You look GORGEOUS !! I love love Duckie so
darn much !!! You have the best youtube viewers .. so many sweet gifts !! I
feel so badly I Have yet to send you something !! I will SOON I hope ! Love
you girlie !!!

rainbowcelery says:

I couldn’t watch your vlog this week. Had some baby/pregnancy dramas here.
Thought baby number 3 was coming but apparently not. =[ I’ll have to try
watch this later. Hopefully you are all well! Have a great weekend

mr323chiko2010 says:

im small for 20 weeks its funny

LVSingLVDance says:

Always so nice to watch your videos, you’re always so happy it just
resonates everywhere and I’m in a better mood now :) Stressing currently
over college exams so you and in the other video with Tripp this week have
made me smile.

mommyto2divas says:

I can’t believe that you are already halfway there!!! Those ultrasound pics
are so cute! I’ve never had the 3d or 4d ultrasounds with my 2 girls, but
when we try for our next and final : ( baby i’m gonna have to get one!!

LoraAndLayton says:

@miscy83 Thank you!! Haha yea, he’s quite the character!

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