How to wash the baby

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Blessed says:

I have seen so many so-called professional bathing videos and this is by
far the best one. The nurse is very calm and not in a hurry. She doesn’t
act like it is an assembly line and “gotta hurry, we have 15 more coming
up”. Babies are great at picking up on energy, whether it is good or bad.
The blanket in the sink is the first I have seen and is incredibly
thoughtful. Many nurses have the mistaken belief that it is normal for a
baby to cry during the whole thing. Some babies may, due to a difficult
birth or something along those lines, but I have seen so many where they
have just a moment of crying or fussing, such as this one. He did it just
because of the brief exposure to the air on his little wet body. She
comforted him with her soft voice and then brought him to her chest. Wow,
I would love to tell this nurse how wonderful she is.

I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of having a baby or who is
getting ready to have one, that you insist on the type of bath that you
want for your baby and the best way to know how you want it is to watch a
ton of these. You will see the many different ways and I think that it is
sad when the parents have no idea that the way some of these nurses bathe
babies is not how it should be. Like my husband says, “Are they called
professional just because they get paid?”. A nurse or any person
performing a service, is only as good as the person is.

Many dads are in such a state of being overwhelmed, that they don’t think
to question the nurse and her technique. If I had seen my baby bathed like
some in these videos, it would have been her last baby to bathe.

I think it is sad that there is no standard in bathing from hospital to
hospital. Because of this, you can get nurses who think that they are
above reproach and will handle the baby roughly and they will tell you that
it is normal for the baby to react they way that they do. Well, yes, they
will react that way. I would to.

Go to channels from other countries. They are never in a hurry as the ones
in the U.S.

These are only my opinions. I believe in giving people as much information
as possible so that they can have many options to make their choices with.

Paige Croquet says:

Why didn’t the nurse use ALL of that shampoo in the little cup to wash his
hair? She barely got a lather going? Also, using NO SOAP in the bath?
That’s just the hospital being kind of cheap I think Baby soap is
non-drying to their delicate skin.

felixcruzazul says:

just the tut of being a dad friks me out fuck it im moving to mexico bitch
can keep the damn thing i love ma money more

MyOwnWorld95 says:

At the beginning I thought this was a doll. But when he started to move and
finally opened his eyes my heart melted. Awwww so cute *-*

shollia says:

Awww, what a sweet little baby.

Robin says:

He is so adorable and very good. He didn’t cry at all and when he did it
lasted only for a brief moment. Makes me want to have a baby.


i love babies!

mhagy says:

i’m having a baby soon and this video really helps..thanks for uploading…

MeaganSays says:

This is the only right way, I believe to wash a baby in the hospital.

Treshay Harris says:

awww hes a good baby

BLESSEDone333 says:

awe! almost makes me want another one… then my teen asks to have the keys
to the car and then I say forget that I’ll wait for grandkids! Many
blessings from the Lord of all Creation for the sweet little one.

Beachluver169 says:

Soo quiet

xxsundown says:

I want to be that baby.

remmytemmy says:

oh he is adorable. He is gonna be one shy kid.. But thats not a bad thing =D

GeneralSirDouglasMcA says:

Yes is he cute. He just sleeps right through. 😀

karejimenez says:

he is adorable

catalinahatesu says:

Wow he is such a sweet little baby! You are truely blessed. :)

patromano4 says:

Whfppp What a good baby

Amyms27 says:

This video gets me excited for my lo to be here I have about 4-6 weeks or
so to go. I would love to have this nurse too! Great video!! I love how
calm it is in the hospital rooms after baby is here I can’t wait!!!

Nikita Zastepa says:

cos it protects his head so you need to stop being a bitch to ur babies :<

CountessBatula says:

I loved bathing and dressing my newborns then wrapping them in a nice clean
blankie hehe

colebre says:

thats the way i hope most nurses are

mootiepootie says:

This was very helpful I’m 29 weeks pregnant and my husband and I are first
time parents and a little scared but this helps. Thanx for posting

Charlie gozal says:

beautiful baby! great nurse, you are lucky!

Novelist6369 says:

Wow, he didnt cry til the end. What a sweet baby.

houlyn says:

what about the umbilical cord? The cord got wet. Is it because the baby is
a newborn so the cord isn’t dry yet?

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