How to wash new born baby !!

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My son ! Ju hyeon
it was very nervous and i did not Know How to wash new born baby
Of Course ! I had been a parents it ‘s only 2~3 days
I was afraid with washing new born baby! (At now ,I’ve already have two children
I take a washing both of my children ,You do not have to worry about it ) I learned washing a new born baby my mother in law (who has a 4 children and 7 grand children ) first of all , both wife and husband need a practice to help each other second of all, water of bath does not go into new born baby’s ear
if you need more information


Rossa Linda says:

I just dont understand why cant they remove e clothes beforehand

PennyCilllin says:

We wash things; we bathe people. We wash cars and bathe babies; not the
reverse. However, upon witnessing this neonatal circus of three clueless
adults falling all over each other to film and bathe a tiny helpless baby,
and getting absolutely zero tasks accomplished in the process…yikes.
Shameful that in the 21st century, we still send new moms home with zero
baby skills and that some moms want to make a video but not watch a video
on how to bathe baby.

Iria Ko says:

hmm.. how about umbilical cord?! can you wash baby in the water if his/her
umbilical cord is still healing? i heard you cant make it wet so you cant
wash “properly” your baby until it will be completely healed [around 3-5

candyfacedchick says:

I know gross right

Christianna450 says:

Aaw hat baby is super cute..I want to have a baby,but i may have to go
through some lessons on how to take care of it,lol. God bless you and your
family :)

joe mama says:

Well, he seems pretty happy in there.

JazzieLuvzYa says:

Well… its a BOY !

belladonna530 says:

they r doing laundry and washing the baby 2 save time…i think???

Bahar Alisultanova says:


daniellataylor22 says:

He is such a good baby

BreBreBear101 says:

Some of you are so stupid. They put the little robe thing on the baby when
it’s bathing to keep it warm. When you bathe a baby you use warm water but
sooner or later the water gets cold so that’s why it has clothes on.

karolpreciosa1 says:

Why are you bathing him with clothe????????

missfashioneye1 says:

so cute baby, it seems easy to bathe a baby but doing it first time id need
someone with me to,from all the videos ive seen on youtube everyone is
using same method,mild warm water, a tub, clean towels are essential, and
some use baby lotion.

Lem Swen says:

Tons of 50 year old perves are going to watch this all night

BreBreBear101 says:

How cute he yawned ^.^

Turner Clan says:

why does he have clothes on ?

Larry Lai says:

how come must use the word of ‘wash’??

ChefStylin says:

ha this kid face is like Please Stop!

Kanwal Shareef says:

i have no baby i wish to have a baby

Diana Evans says:

@Iriaa83 It’s ok as long as the cord is still “soft” so basically while in
the hospital. One it’s hard you can’t submerge baby. My daughter’s cord
took 11 days

Hans Jørgen Sode says:

tak til alle forældre og tak jeg måtte se jeres dejlige unger jeg er 5

Thedoglovergal says:

Awwww, he’s so cute.

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