How to Wash Baby Clothing

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How to Wash Baby Clothing – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Parenting: How to Wash Baby Clothing

If you’ve got children, you know that means you do a lot of laundry, which can be overwhelming. Here are a couple of tips in terms of how to wash clothing for your little ones:

The first thing starts when you’re in the store. Check the labels and see whether or not things are machine washable, dry clean only, flat dry; there’s no right or wrong option there, its’ just whatever works for your lifestyle. If you’re a person who really doesn’t mind taking things over to the dry cleaner, maybe you’ve got a great one across the street, maybe you’ve got a nice laundry room and you don’t mind doing flat dry. That’s wonderful. There are a lot of parents that don’t have time for that, and they want things that are only machine washable and dryable. There are plenty of options for those too. Just check the labels when you’re at the store or ask the sales person.

When you are doing machine wash, it’s important to use hypoallergenic laundry detergent. Babies have such sensitive skin, so find a brand that works best with your baby. The only tricky thing is that sometime the hypoallergenic sensitive laundry detergent isn’t great with getting out really tough stains. What I like to do in these situations is, if you’ve got a tough stain or something that you think is going to leave a tough stain, wash first in Oxyclean to really get the stain out. Then wash it again in your super-sensitive laundry detergent.

The last bit of advice is if you’ve got a really special piece that you love and know you want your child to be wearing a lot, maybe for photographs or special occasions, even if it says it’s OK for the dryer, if it’s a piece that you want to last a really long time, I would recommend laying it flat to dry. It’s just going to keep the color truer for a longer time. It’s going to help the article to maintain its shape. When it comes to those really special things, I’d stay away from the dryer. Those tips should, hopefully, help you get nice long wear out of your clothes.


eaglesyz says:

Great were better than the actors they have doing commercials.
Have you ever washed cloth diapers? I heard too much fabric softener
reduces the absorbancy…thank you for your time and again, great video.

Micheal Lentz says:

im 13 what do i do

Micheal Lentz says:

i only disliked i because its a good video but u said how to wash and i
click this cause i have pictureday today and my mother fucking stained my
clothes so please understand its a false title

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