How to wash baby clothes

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I am sure you know how to wash clothes but I know when I had my first I was clueless as to how to wash his clothes with the same soap.

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KimberlysJourney2 says:

I LOVE the frontloader’s! LOL =) I always wash my boys shirts and jeans
inside out to preserve the color and keep them from looking so warn out
from all the washes.

vanessa mommyagenda says:

lol at “yea thats mine” confession

1Mom2Another says:

@aarismom19 Yeah they are really good. I love them!!!!!

vanessa mommyagenda says:

@TheyInspireMe We have a front loader too but I actually prefer a top
loader especially for CDing its a lot easier to get those bad boys
clean….I washed at my moms when visiting and did a comparison…if u ever
switch machines don’t get ride of old guy if your CDing……:-))

1Mom2Another says:

@vancaner Lol he is such a goober. -Naomi

1Mom2Another says:

@KimberlysJourney2 I LOVE MINE!!! Most of the clothes are already hand me
downs so I don’t really do anything special lol. That is a really good

1Mom2Another says:

@mustbe7kuzhe8me Yay. It is reassuring to know there are more moms out
there with the same ideas :-) -Naomi

1Mom2Another says:

@alisoncarroll Thank you :). I love Avril lol -Naomi

aarismom19 says:

i had a sample of those blue bead things and i put it in the was when i was
doing her laundry omg it smelllllllls super good and it really lasts like
for real this time my mom said she will buy more

ShaysMama23 says:

Great video!!! I LOVE the unstoppable stuff, I just used a sample the other
day and I am so buying some :)

TheyInspireMe says:

We wash our clothes the same. I wish we had a front loader.

alisoncarroll says:


1Mom2Another says:

@ShaysMama23 Yeah that stuff is truly AMAZING!!! -Naomi

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