How to Wash Baby Bottles Part 1

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Essential Dad and Parent Skills 2-8a: How to Wash Baby Bottles Part 1

I can almost hear the groans now. Bottle washing? Really?

You betcha. It is easy, fast and really not a big deal. It’s true that mom handles this most of the time after the first few weeks, but it’s also true that raising baby isn’t just her job.

Besides, if you want to see a mom smile, let her stumble into the kitchen in the morning after you’ve left for work and let her find all the bottles washed (and sterilized) and a big I LOVE YOU note stuck on the fridge.

True, you won’t be able to actually SEE the smile at that point. But I’m sure she’ll let you know somehow.

C’mon… you know you already want to try it. (Part 1 of 2)

00:00 – Preparing the sink
02:00 – Washing the bottle body
03:19 – Washing the top parts

Love it? Hate it? Like it? Know how to do it better? Just looking for advice? Care to comment? Want to talk about dad stuff? contact me:

Or if you want the female side of things talk to my wife. She’s the smart one in the family. 😀


cluelessfather says:

@iheartreborns1 Hahaha. Yeah and my second daughter was born two days ago
so now there are even more! Best, Dare

cluelessfather says:

@BreakfastBentoBox Totally agree! Thank you! I believe breast milk is the
best supplement for any baby! We were very happy that my wife was able to
breastfeed our second daughter as there was a lot less colic and so far she
has generally been a much calmer baby! Have a great day! Best, Dare

JudyJetsonGirl says:

Thanks, it’s all sink n bubbles! Tedious but necessary.

Oneexecutioner says:

This video is really helping me. My daughter is only 3 months old, and I’m
going through lots of learning curves.

cluelessfather says:

Thanks for the nice comment. Highly appreciated! It’s a lot of work, but
very rewarding! Best, Dare

cluelessfather says:

Yeah, it’s a pretty tough gig to start out that’s for sure. Congratulations
on parenthood though! Really glad the video helped! Best, Dare

115emz says:

you’re amazing daddy coz you personally helping you’re wife taking care of
your baby and do that stuff which not all daddy do the same thing as you
and i salute you on that.. ^__^

cluelessfather says:

Yes it is tedious especially with multiple children which is why it’s best
done to your favorite music blasting while you karoake away using the
bottles as your microphone! (Don’t tell anyone I said that.) :)

cluelessfather says:

@BreakfastBentoBox To get handmedowns, you have to have people to get
handmedowns from. Which we didn’t. And this amount allowed the baby to make
it through the day on regular feedings for two days without the milk
spoiling due to repeated use and made sure that there was still a supply
for use so that I could wash the dirty ones when I got home from work and
mom could focus on other things. Best, Dare

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