How to Wash and Clean a Baby Part 2

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Essential Dad and Parent Skills 2-3b: How to Wash a Baby Part 2

I get asked a lot about what helps dad bond with their kids. Well, I don’t know about for everybody else, but me giving my baby a bath is usually the highlight of my day. It is a moment of total trust on the part of my daughter for me and total care on my part for her.

And afterward she is superclean and smelling like a bouquet of flowers. It’s pretty tough on my back, but it is my moment with her. I actually don’t let my wife do it! But maybe that is just me.

You might want to try it though! (Part 2 of 2)

00:00 – Washing Babys Body
03:25 – Drying and Dressing Baby

Love it? Hate it? Like it? Know how to do it better? Just looking for advice?
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Or if you want the female side of things talk to my wife. She’s the smart one in the family. 😀


Pokémon Trainer/Prof. says:

Your daughter is sssssooooo cute!!! lol. :)

cluelessfather says:

@hotpink2215 Dear Hotpink, first off relax a little. Believe me I know
pretty much exactly how you feel and every new parent has been there. With
a little practice you’ll be doing just fine! Is there a friend or family
member that is going to be able to stay over to help you out for the first
few days? Best, Dare

cluelessfather says:

@hotpink2215 Oh and by the way!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Yes becoming a parent
is stressful but it is also amazing!!!!!

cluelessfather says:

No worries at all! Glad to be of assistance! If you need any advice on
anything let me know, otherwise try to enjoy and stay calm while it lasts!
Have a great day! Best, Dare

hotpink2215 says:

I’m terrified of bathing my daughter who’s due in may :/ I’m a new mom nd I
have no clue on taking care of newborns.

hotpink2215 says:

@clueless father sorry for responding so late. i have been so busy tryna
get the house set up. but thank you so much for calming down my anxiety
lol. you are super helpful

cluelessfather says:

@monica161904 Dear Monica, I’m so glad I was able to help. Mustella is what
we use as well and it seems to have been the right choice for our baby
girl. It’s a little expensive but I feel it’s worth it as it also lasts a
very long time. That’s great that your baby is doing better! I hope you and
your husband are having wonderful moments every day with her. I know it
gets tough, but don’t forget to enjoy the magic when it happens! Let me
know if you have any other questions. Best, Dare

monica161904 says:

@cluelessfather well tnx and u r ryt i was using the jhonsons baby products
that was the problem now pediatrician suggested me with mustela products
and its getting better thank God,,,,btw ur baby she is so adorable and my
husband admired u as well so keep up the good work ,,am suggesting to
poeple i knw b/c u helped me and i knw u’r gonna help them 2,,looking
forward to ur new videos to come tnx again.

monica161904 says:

helloo,,,,wow i just watched almost all ur videos n i found u a great dad
and u helped me alot. am a new mom so tnx,,i have a ? though my baby is now
3mnth and she got verry rough rashes on her knees and her elbows wat can i
do about them???looking forward to ur answer tnx.

cluelessfather says:

@monica161904 Hi Monica, I posted a comment on your page already. So glad
my videos helped! As a disclaimer, a family doctor or pediatrician is the
best person to consult on matters related to your children, I can only
offer simple advice. During the first several months of your baby growing
up, their skin is going to be very sensitive to chemicals and irritants
that they haven’t built up a resistance too. If your little one is crawling
make sure they avoid things cleaned with chemicals.

cluelessfather says:

Hi Eric, really glad it helped!!! You’ll be fine. As long as you remain
calm, the baby tends to know you are in control and stays cool. If the baby
is prone to rash, it can be used as a preventative measure but otherwise
you don’t have to use it unless they actually get a rash.

cluelessfather says:

@daydayluvz83 I don’t know. Kind of hard to tell what you are referring to.
Best, D

daydayluvz83 says:

what the hell

ericmaguscloud says:

you are a life saver. I am babysitting my god daughter for the first time
over night and I never had to give a baby a bath before. I looked at
websites and they had me freaking out cause it seemed so complicated and
all the products yadda yadda. She is a bit older than your baby girl but I
am a visual learning and you make it look so easy. Hopefully i will be ok.
That trick with holding her up with your arm was not written anywhere and
it’s GENIUS!!. Is the rash cream used without a rash?

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