How to Wash a Baby’s Hair | Infant Care

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Learn how to wash an infant’s hair from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.

So now we are going to wash a newborn’s hair. Some newborns do not have a lot of hair and simply a wet washcloth will do the trick. By really cleaning the head very well trying to, um, if there is a little cradle cap or dry skin really trying to wash it well to try to remove some of it. And if you have heavy hair or really big head of hair you could use a shampoo that would really clean the baby’s, um, hair very well. This is a particular one with foam that doesn’t drip as much into the babys eyes. And you would wash the baby’s hair just like you would wash your hair. Paying special attention to really massage it in well, and make sure there is no dead skin in the baby’s scalp, and then really try to stay away from any area of getting it in the eyes. After it’s massaged in well, all you would do is take a clean wash cloth and take out the soap and dry the babys head, and after all the soap is out then you have clean baby’s hair, and you can start putting their lotion on and their diaper on and getting them ready to get dressed.

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bekatsh uyran says:

I hate the fact they don’t use a real baby !!

LiteShinx says:


LiteShinx says:

…uh oh. Guys why did my baby stop breathing when I shook him? Help me.

MrMsh3an says:

in the baby’s butt

Roxy Spence says:

Why’d you shake him?

lily weatherill says:


Masterike2 says:

Baby looked real for a sec there

Hannah Moyo says:

Omg it is realistic

sarablynn says:

Mankind is about 200,000 years old. I think we know how to bathe infants.
It’s kind of an instinct.

Joseph Stalin says:

Take the baby, throw it into a pool of water wiggle it aroud a bit, pull it
out and put it in the sun until it’s dried. Done.

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