How to safely Remove your Baby Car Seat Cover and Wash

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How to safely Remove your Baby Car Seat Cover and wash
How to care for your baby car seat

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Tonya Shaik Mohamed

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Tonya Shaik Mohamed says:

Hi Amy Curl thank you for taking the time to leave a comment :)
I am so happy I was useful to you
I wish you could send me a photo of your Car Seat and paste it to this
video to share with all of us.
I always thought that Amazon Sold books only wow thanks for that
I will grab my coffee while I still have some me time and take a look at
what they have thanks:) Amy Curl
I could be wrong and if so please forgive I plead the 5 and I blame it on
not having my coffee yet lol… what a great gift to give to someone you
love or care about.
But I hope I am right
You seem like a mom who is preparing for a beautiful arrival very soon and
if so you made my day because I can return kind words back to you hoping it
will brighten up your day like you have done mine.
:) Congratulations to you and your family who is waiting to meet the gift
you will be giving them have a great day

Tonya Shaik Mohamed says:

Hello Doug Lim thanks so much for leaving a comment I am so happy the video
was helpful I hope you and your family have a great night 

Tynesha Love says:

Thank you so much it took me forever to figure out that bottom latch and
you are the only video of about 20 I watched that went into detail.

Doug Lim says:

Great video. You saved the day after my granddaughter threw up on her car

Tonya Shaik Mohamed says:

Hi Cheechsgurl thank you so much for watching my video and leaving a
comment $10.00 wow what a deal that’s great. My first car seat had a cover
on top also But I was not able to take the top off I had to use the water
hose in my kitchen sink with water and sponge but I was able to take
everything else off I hope I was helpful have a great week and thanks for
stopping by

Tonya Shaik Mohamed says:

Salaam it was a gift from a friend yes it reclines I like it because she
falls asleep i will lay it back so her head isnt dangling all over I will
ask and inbox you

cheechsgurl says:

Hello I was just watching your video , can you also wash one that has a
cover on the top for the sun ? I just got one at a salvation army for 10.00
in great brand new condition but I want to make sure it is clean well
before I use it ..

Aboobacker Shaik says:

The car seat move up and down where did you buy that one

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