How To Make Organic Baby Wash

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2 simple ingredients and a foaming container will make the best cleanser you could possibly use on your baby.

Make sure to keep the solution out of your baby’s eye because it is not tear free.


John Muldoon says:

I like the way your nostrils keep opening and closing all the time.

Katelynn Cook says:

where can i get the castil soap

Julius Machinebacon says:

Long live the baby healthily and happily! :) No plastic clothes, no
mass-produced food and body lotions. And hopefully no milk powder :) Thanks
for the clip! Greetings!

kittycaht says:

I ordered a large bottle of Dr. Brown’s on Amazon (unscented so I can make
my own scents) but you can also find it at Trader Joes or Whole Foods.

chisaoboy says:

I love Dr. Bronner’s soap… BUT… even their “Baby Mild” soap DOES BURN
THE EYES. There is a large warning on the bottle. I can’t imagine using
that on a baby… even diluted.


This is your best video. I wish it were viral. This information will save
baby’s nervous system from damage. Great job, Cathy!

7j557j7j5 says:

you need a new battery for your smoke alarm

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