How to bath your baby

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Learn how to bath your new born baby. This tutorial is provided by Epworth Freemasons qualified staff and offers excellent tips and hints to assist you with your baby’s bath time.

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Madimetja Mogale says:

im a man who washed a kid that young few times but way she took off the
baby’s top and in general was very aggressive hey and you can tell shes not
the mother of the baby.damn couldnt finish the video.

Anak Sunamun says:

baby likes the water, he got quiet during his bath

Beccy Troy says:

Hay every. One I’m haveing. A baby. On 16 th of January. 2015. With my true
love wayne. John troy. We first met. When. We was teenagers. We are both
41. Years old and our first baby to gether. I’m. Haveing. A little. Girl.
isbella. Janet. Named after Wayne’s. Mum. Who died. Last year. I have all
so a 17 year old. Daughter. Tempany. And a son. Named Ryan. Who 13 years
old. My kids are my life 

BritishMomma says:

Why is there so much water they.only tell us to put about a inch of water
in that’s loads

Janeyia Jones says:


Jill Benoit says:

Dang she could be softer and more gentle she is a bit rough i would be
throwing a fit if that was my baby

Beccy Troy says:

People you didn’t hear the baby cry who are you all to tell a trained.
Nurse mid wife. How to handle. The baby they go to medical. School. For 5
years and are fully. Trained. You people. Have no clue. You get on the ban
wagon. Insulting. Insect. People. Who help. You and help us all. In life.
These. People. Are dedicated. To what they do in life she wasn’t heating
that baby so leave the nurse. A lone. Because. One day you mite need a
nurse midwife. And it. Mite be her who helps you. Rule. People don’t
critasis. People. You don’t know. Ok. And less you want to be criticised.
Your self. In life. Stop bitching. All your life’s. And get with the real.
World. Leave the nurse a lone 

Cait Seymour says:

What an excellent video!! The cute little babe looked so relaxed in the
water. For those concerned with the nurse or midwife being aggressive or
rough….she’s handling him like a pro, safe and gentle. I can’t think of
anything she did wrong or not well. This greatly benefits my schooling, I
plan on doing post-partum for my final nursing practicum next summer :)

yasmin alsaffar says:

Babies are more flexible than you think 

Tyneisha Kelly says:

Should’ve used baby soap to wash the body and arms lightly, not just water.

bastisa333 says:

I think she isn’t enough good to take care of babies, she is out of her
mind….. crazy women!!!!!

Charlette Hernandez says:

If she could be a little more gentle with that poor baby that would be

rozer sandhu says:

wow thats baby is so calm otherwise i have seen baby they always crying
and this is what pisses you off but thanks for the video 

Spencer Cammayo says:

Two hours ago I was watching prank videos and I somehow ended up here

Gylian James says:


Debbie Guerrera says:

Why are the babies testicles so dark in color?

mommagee13 says:

All these bitches be acting like they’re doctors just for having kids exuse
me but where’s your fuckin degree then. Obviously she knows what she’s
doing. You girls be acting like your a pro with kids but will forget them
to go to clubs

Greg Mann says:

It’s not aggressive, it’s confident handling that makes the baby feel
secure and that’s why it looks quite relaxed. Nervous handling makes the
baby fee more insecure and they will cry more.

bivek b says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Lazaih Hawkins says:

He is so cute
I love him

neo ecw says:

omg look this crazy how he is holding the baby

nina nacnac says:

Thank you I enjoyed your video but I would go with out the nails and use
the tip of my fingers to avoid scratching my baby. 

rebecca ryder says:

Babies are very resilient. I’ve got four of them and am pregnant with my
fifth. She’s actually not being rough. She’s experienced. A baby will let
you know if you’re too rough. If she were being too rough that baby
would’ve screamed like it was terrified. Considering the baby is calm
apparently she’s doing nothing wrong except the fact that you’re not
supposed to wet the babies belly button stub for the first six weeks till
it dries up and falls off.

Loren Pemberton says:

I think she knew what she was doing very confident but in the same sentence
I was like oh gosh be careful lol. But that could be cause I’m going to be
a 1st time mum. How often do you bath them is it a everyday thing? 

Amir Lynch says:

He is so cute like my daughter but he is just a little bit tiner

accrossthedesktop says:

Anyone commenting saying she’s going to hurt or drop the baby, please hush.
Look at that baby, it looked so calm. I would LOVE to see the rest of you
bathe a newborn without them crying. She obviously knew what she was doing.

Kayla Rosenbaum says:

You can tell he is not relaxed

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