1-14e How to wash a baby – Washing Baby’s Body

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cluelessfather says:

Dear Rania, I suppose in theory that could be an issue, but I never put the
baby into the bath soiled because I do a diaper change before I wash her
and always clean very well. As soon as the baby’s body goes into the water,
the surface germs are carried to the entire bath of water anyways so you
really want her cleaned down there first anyways. But I guess if you do it
differently that’s up to you. Good luck! Best, D

cluelessfather says:

4. Just keep doing it daily until they settle into the routine. After 5-6
times she’ll be settled with you and start really enjoying it. It’s a great
father/daughter time. Question: how old is your daughter? I’m guessing just
a few months? Best, Dare

cluelessfather says:

Ok. Care to enlighten on what the right way is? Best, Dare

cluelessfather says:

Dear Zuzel, Thank you very much! Very kind of you. Have a great day! Best,

Zuzel Garcia says:

You are a very good father!

PeaceLoveCatsVintage says:

Start from the top down.

Rania Amer says:

You shouldn’t use the same sponge that u use for the private area with the
rest of the body

elizabeth loveheart says:

Thank you so much for this. My wife has been working for these past days
and I’ve been taking of my beautiful daughter and it just comes to that
point where you have to give them a bath sooner or later. 1 question i
have..is that how do you keep your daughter so quiet??? when I am putting
my daughter in. she starts kind of moving more in my arms and then when
she’s in the water she’s almost crying. Any Suggestion??!

cluelessfather says:

Hi! So glad it helped. Realize I did this video after I’d been washing her
for about 2 months so she was pretty cool with me at that point. And when I
started she was so little that there wasn’t much of a problem. My
suggestions are: 1. Make sure the water is just a little warmer than skin
temperature. Too hot or too cold is instant baby yelling. 2. Talk to your
baby the entire time telling her what you are doing. They love the sound of
dad’s voice. 3. Be in control. They sense insecurity.

cluelessfather says:

Hi lpn23! Thanks for writing. You shouldn’t put the baby in the bath unless
they’ve already been cleaned from any mess in their diaper, otherwise, once
they are in the water the poop or pea are going to disperse. But otherwise,
it doesn’t really matter that much as far as I know, I would however wash
the baby’s hair first outside the bath as shown and until they get old
enough to sit by themselves in the bath. Thanks again for asking! Best, Dare

cluelessfather says:

That’s great! Yes just keep going. She’ll get used to it and then after
that it’s usually no fuss until two years of age. Best, Dare

elizabeth loveheart says:

Yes She is only about a month or 2 and some weeks.

Kamiar Gheshlaghi says:

That is the wrong way to do mister!!

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