TWO HOURS of gentle lullabies for babies – Baby Sleep Music

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Put your children to sleep with hypnotic graphics, accompanied by gentle nursery rhymes played beautifully on the piano.
Music taken from ‘Piano Lullabies for Babies’ by Andrew Holdsworth, available on iTunes via the link above.


David Ortiz says:

I am a college student and need this music to sleep. When I have a son or
daughter, imma fall asleep with em listening to this

Karl Darby says:

Aww lovely first night at home with my baby son loving this mix 

elizabeth manha says:

Most people play this for their children or themselves but I play it for my
dog. He has a lot of anxiety over everything and this makes him calm down
plus I love the animations they calm me down :)

Lindsay Trawick says:
catherine miller says:

My sisters’ baby was fussy and I told her that we already know she doesn’t
like silence so I put this on and she fell asleep not long after and my
sister is like I dunno if it was the music or me cuddlin her.

Lisa Odell says:

Is there any way to download the video as well? I want to be able to use
it on the airplane for my baby. He loves it!

Ang D says:

My 7 month old son has been teething for forever now and it’s been a bad
night but this video puts him in a trance almost. He forgets he’s in pain
and I like knowing he is not hurting at the moment. Great video! 

Jay Gonzalez says:

Thank you my 1 momth old daughter has been up for 2 days straight and once
I started playing this video she began to fall asleep thank you so much !

savanna tiller says:

I may be ten but this dose help me sleep

Summer Matte says:

This version of Itsy Bitsy Spider is so beautiful that it would be well
suited for a father/daughter dance at a wedding. Maybe for a bride whose
daddy used to sing this to her when she was just a little princess. It’s
simply gorgeous.

Aphrodite Love says:

He’s great !! I’m grown woman and I fall asleep to this. Goodnight from

Stephen Dronfield says:

Sent my son straight off to sleep he was screaming, always fights sleep ,
thanks for putting this up☺

Jaja Cuevas says:

Nice for will not belive that I fall asleep while listening to
the music.Because of it we made a small theater at home.

*rate it five stars….

shyshytucker says:

Puts our daughter to sleep every night. Even through teething ! Love! 

Robert Wagner says:

Just over 7.1 mil views and i can almost say me, my wife and our baby boy
are about half of those views! WE ALL LIKE TO FALL ASLEEP TO THIS! great
mix! thank you and goodnight all the way from Pretoria, South Africa

Haidyn Wilson says:

Goodnight from Canada!

Cloe Graziano says:

this helped me get my 2 baby cousins to sleep

Deborah DenBoer says:

Thank you for the nice songs. I use them to put my nephews and niece to
sleep. They love watching this. Usually only takes 12 min of it before
their out. :)

Sarah Thomas says:

my baby sister sasha fell right to sleep right at the end i was so tired

Damien Fraley says:

LlPeople be hun numNasa ce dc d dc dcd cdcd dcd c sceweceees axxcxxw x sassA
W gn

Lindsay Trawick says:

Lacy macy be my……………FREAK!

Digixpression says:

Whats the song before mary had a little lamb. ? I like to sing my baby
asleep but don’t know that one. 

Aeon Flux says:

I put this to my nephew to hear it and fall asleep, and he did it in 59
seconds lol

Miriam Spicer says:

It but my mom and family to sleep☺️but it kept me and my baby brother up
all night

Aditi Celeste says:

It’s a sweet lullaby, but my little baby sister after ten minutes got up
and laughed.

Victor De La Puente says:

This makes me go to sleep. Such lovely songs

Agoodfruit says:

One hour into this it plays a very wrong lullaby “rock a bye baby on the
tree top”. The music that goes with these lyrics should not be plaid in a
Christian home. Do not use evil cursings to put babies to sleep, please!

Sophie Chilton says:

I love this it makes me fall asleep every night 

savanna tiller says:

I may be ten but this dose help me sleep

guardianretry says:

Thank you! Finally asleep

beautybyvic says:

My son loves this!

Brenda Rodriguez says:

It made me fall asleep not my baby brother

Tyrese does minecraft says:


Mel Bartram says:

My 8 mth old asleep by third song love this lullaby file. Always the one i
pick. Bit of lag loading but that could be my device. Defo recommend

Shanthini Sundar says:

My 2 months old son likes listening n goes to sleep..

Ashley May says:

Hey my baby brother likes Lisaning to this

Ari girl says:

Even thow I’m 7 I Go to sleep to it

Julianna Muxin says:

I like it because it put big kids to sleep

Felicia Cook says:

Ppl make jokes bout a sickness that’s no game ur mom nd go to that ass u a
rude person that have no life 

Drea Gray says:

I fall asleep listening to this while I put my 6 month to sleep. I love it.

Holly Westcot says:

Omg I love this song it helps me get my puppies to sleep at night and nap
time. Hate nap time and bed time but when you play this song they just
automatically fall asleep!

sara LaRandom says:

Thanks. This puts my cat to sleep no prob. I think this is her favorite
sleep mix.

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