Lullaby – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | Lullabies For Babies to Sleep | Bedtime Songs

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BEST NON STOP Nursery Rhymes :-

Lullaby – Twinkle Twinkle Lullabies For Babies to sleep & Bedtime Songs like Hush Little Baby, Star Light Star Bright & More is the best lullabies for babies and bedtime songs compilation put together to make your child sleep with some amazing soothing music.

The lullaby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is an Extended FULL VERSION just for your cute babies which No one has ever come across.

This Lullaby & Lullabies for Babies collection consists of Twinkle Twinkle, Hush Little Baby, Star Bright Star Light, ABCD Phonics Song, Ringa Ringa Roses, Incy Wincy Spider, Five Little Monkeys.These lullabies for babies collection is the best one to put your baby off to sleep with its best soothing music and rhythms.

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Pamela Escudero says:

My niece loves it. She has a wound right now but this made her comfortable.
Please pray for her healing.


Really beautiful. But I’ve almost felt asleep before my 23 months old
little girl :|

Karina De La Cruz says:

My baby nephew loves this ❤️☺️

HooplaKidz says:

Shhh…sleep tightly, little one. Here’s some lullabies for you. Twinkle
Twinkle Little Star and more…

Gilma Zapien says:

My 7 month old knocked out!! Yay! :) 

Alyssia Paige says:

my 5 month old LOVES this! She was so quiet while watching and listening
and shortly fell asleep. so glad I found this

انثى كبرياء says:

يله تصبحون على الف خيررررLullaby – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star |

Muhd Hafiz Abd Hamid says:

My little boy loves this soo much thank you….

stargirlreyna1 says:

thanks so i can put jacob to sleep

Sandra De Jesus says:

My one year old baby she pretends to go to sleep so she can just hear the
song because she’d love and I am so glad I found this because my one year
old does not want to go to bed once I tell her

zombiegirl666 says:

I got a 3 year old little girl and she loves this than she goes to sleep
she just watches it and listens and than she fells asleep I am so happy
that I found this thank you really helps a lot :) 

savy vy says:

I love it so much

Rudy Mercado says:

Worked for my 6 year old but my 3 year old is wide wake saying more lol. 

JaSaiah Whiteside says:

My brother went to sleep 

this is stupid says:

so tell me how come this girl is singing kids nursery songs like shes
auditioning for the voice??? its not that serious chick!!! these are kids

RKidmaster ᏕUᏰᎦᏨᎡᎥᏴᎬ says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Dzefo Omerovic says:

My kids are in love with this thank you hoopla kids…

Silly seven Kid says:

Can. You. Cut. Hair

Enkhmunkh munkhchuluun says:

Check out this video on

jepoy izon says:

it good for babies.

TEX10261 says:

ads way to long

Kelly Ahmadzai says:

My 2year daughter stopped crying and fell asleep after singing to this song
bless her

Eva Pva says:

im 10 it it works…..

Pamela Escudero says:

My niece is wounded right now and it makes her feel better. Please pray for
her comfort.

MM Aween says:

It’s so lovely. . My daughter and I are in love with these songs :)

Madison Corry says:

My little sister is dead a sleep thanks

abigab yawson says:

My baby boy love it

rynel cruz says:

binn ccr vvvvvvnnbv


Sandra De Jesus says:

My daughter likes this song so much she just snuggled up and goes to sleep
when she needs to and when I tell her to

Delindabrown Brown says:

Don’t put no won to sleep

Marcellious Fryar says:

It did not do nothing at all


My 5Month old son woke up in the middle of the night as nd I was looking at
lullabies n found this one and he was smiling and singing the point Is he
loves it and went back to sleep

L'amour says:

My daughter just love that video! 

Hau Do says:

The child sounds like a grown up woman

Jrids 273 says:

This rigjt here just put my fussy 3 yr old to sleep in like 5 min good shit

Amber Quintana says:

Im a Babysitter ♡
And Whenever a Baby Starts Crieing I Play This and They Go Fast To Sleep ♡

JaSaiah Whiteside says:

He loves it

Ashley Feathers says:

Love this!!
My daughter falls asleep to this every time she’s going night-night!!

Loveneverfails184 says:

I like the voice, a little bit too talented for this kind of songs but nice
and special.

Matenin Doukoure says:

Nice viedos

trinie besinga says:

Noting hapends 

Kayla Murray says:

She when to sleep. She was sleep for 5 hour thank u

Ruby Cardenas says:

Thank you

krystal read says:

Lol thats so great OMG

Tomy Juno says:

How is the baby suppose to fall asleep with that sharp voice asking to
subscribe ? C’mon …

Jrids 273 says:

This rigjt here just put my fussy 3 yr old to sleep in like 5 min good shit

isatu Barrie says:

This really good it put little 7 months cousin right to sleep in less than

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