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Close The ONLY solution out there to wean your baby off the swaddle with no transition time! Need help getting your baby to sleep through the night? The Zipadee-Zip™ is a revolution in baby sleep! My daughter Charlotte loved being swaddled in the Miracle Blanket and the Woombie but after she outgrew her swaddle she wouldn’t sleep unswaddled! The Zipadee-Zip™ will transition or wean your baby out of his/her swaddling blanket in no time! The Zipadee-Zip™ baby sleep sack keeps your baby safe and cozy all through the night in breathable, stretchy cotton fabric. It’s easier to put on than pajamas and makes the perfect wearable baby blanket/ baby sleeping bag. Visit to ensure that your baby’s sleep is happy, safe and warm!


Rachel Ní Fhearaigh says:

I think I would buy this just for the sheer joy of seeing your kid looking
like a penguin. 

Anna Mae says:

Awwww, :3 

patromano4 says:

What a happy kid God bless.

leyda almendarez says:

awww how cute 

Melanie Healey says:

This is so adorable!! I want to try a zippy for my 7 month old sooo bad!! 

brettparkerbrett says:

Great video. I wish I would have had the zipadeezip with my oldest!

tr4kd says:

Can you tell me what blanket this is?

cathy duke says:

Sooooo ugly

ashleymarsilio says:

I LOVE our Zipadeezip!

Weird000m says:

This might be one of the cutest things Ive ever seen.

koofioom b says:

song is called good morning starshine and a few different people sang it-
Elaine Paige, the cast of hair and a few guys slang it too

143skwk says:

OMG I gotta have her. lol She’s so cute!

Cameron Perry says:

I’m. A. Child

Raquel Hernandez says:

Okay this is crazy but does anyone know who is singing this exact version
of this song? This song is like magic with my 6 month old it’s the only
thing that calms him down in the car when he’s in his car seat. I haven’t
been able to find the exact same song anywhere else so I have to have this
video on repeat while we are in the car! …I’m killing my phone battery
and my data usage:)

kianna seymour says:

I want her

kianna seymour says:


KindlyKayla says:

Omg had me giggling the whole time.. So cute!

cyrrollalee says:

Sooooo cute! Who sings this song?

singularwave says:

Make sure nobody accidentally grabs this kid during a pillow fight.

bellacherry93 says:


NinaOilily says:

haha so cute! 😀

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