How to put a baby to sleep in 10 seconds

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tyler jenkins says:

Worth trying I reccin

Rahul Nath says:

That’s a convenient baby to have..

güney yiğit says:

wizard! wizards everywhere!

Khalani Padilla says:

My 2 month old just started laughing at me when I did this.

Juni Gonzalez says:

Jerry papa I did it and it worked so oo

Juni Gonzalez says:

Omg that is the best vid ever

Jessica302010 says:

you got to put this video up onn americans funniest video!!!! I bet you
will win.

Sylvia Barron says:

That worked for my older son, on few occasions. He’s two. My 6 month old
always puts up a fight. Cute baby :)

Jerry Papazoglou says:

That’s coz you used Jedi powers.. ‘You WILL sleep now…’ (waves hand)

Tertion says:

Fricking awesome

KiayaTopNotchStatus says:

that shit didnt wrk 4 my 2mnth old son

Cynthia Miller says:

I don’t think that would work on all babies unfortunately.

Goofi3 o_O says:

YO!!!! i needt to try this ASAP

SimplyUnica says:

i know what he did ,he stopped the recording and started it again .

contentsweetpea says:

I’m so jealous, how’d you do that?

aishah go says:

that really works!!!

marcus thatcher says:

What black magic is this?!

Stacy Veazey says:

That works on my son, too, sometimes. Softly rubbing his face.

nafsika2004 says:

magic! thank u! I will try that and let you know if it works for us…best
wishes to you and your family

Raina Young says:

yeah i tried that with my baby and it just pissed her off…

Spirisense says:

LOVE IT lol I bet every dad who can’t do this is jealous

Pamela Merrick says:

LOL…I doubt that will work for me but your baby is the cutest

TeensLivingHI says:

Tried it on my 10 month old baby brother and he just laughed at me

TheLoveless4Ever says:

Nice I’ll try it with my 2 month old! Btw I have that same crib bedding set
and I love it lol

lumufang says:

Wish my granddaughter can fall asleep so easily.

hannah deven says:

this is evil

cali8833 says:

I was thinking the same thing lol

do not bother says:

Kiaya if it didn’t work y are you cursing for? It don’t work for
everyone… And a proper mother wouldn’t be sating that curse or even any
curses. Bitch learn how to be mature like a proper mother instead of
cursing like a retard online. Btws I’m no mother, I just babysit sometimes
my Lil cousins for free so ya.

ImakeUexplode says:

my sister started crying when i did that.

cybersal7 says:

Not all hands and sleepy babies are created equal.

Alexandria Adesso says:

That rules

MrDfallis says:

how long did it take u to teach ur baby to leave there eyes shut when u do
that?? haha

Koichi I says:

Nice joke! … At least to me

Neha B says:

Genuinely bad idea

عبدالكريم الشمري says:

ياحبيبي بزرك متخدر يدور النومه حنا مبزرتنا شواذي لو اسوي من هنا لبكرا مانام

John lam says:

Thank you so much :)

SimplyUnica says:

LOL Brilliant ! he s soo cute

nads786 says:

um ya this stopped working for me after 3 months,…lol

Cindy Smith says:

That is adorable.

TheDetonator111 says:

He has clorophorm on his hand!!!!! XD

WhuddupSlime says:

ancient secret! XD

Neondragonfly says:


kissintherain619 says:

We never had a problem putting our now 4 year old to sleep when he was a
baby. The only time we had a bit of a hard time is when he would get
allergy attacks and this is how we exactly put hm to sleep :) it soothes

Brittany Sekelsky says:

ancient chinese proverb

MegaSpaceboy19 says:

ryan shhhhhhhhh lol

Bridgette Martin says:

lol I do that to my daughter, it actually works!

ShantyqueWood says:

Haha i love your magic!

311mrspyro says:

Kant tell if there opened or klosed

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