How To Get a Baby to Sleep

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Today I show you how to quickly make your baby sleep. Is your newborn baby keeping you up at night? Does it seem like He/She/Other/Dolphin doesn’t sleep at all? Is your baby up all night crying for attention? No problem! Simply watch this video and i’ll teach you how to get your baby to sleep through the entire night by following just a few simple, yet eggstremely effective steps.

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Jason arwing says:

I would hire this guy as a babysitter!

Every time I get 50 likes or 100 comments on this post, I will personally
eat a raw egg every day for 5 days!

beautifulthang21 says:

You disgusting human being. People in Africa could have ate that crib.

YouthEnergy says:

This video advocates violence against babies. Subscribed.

Aurora Dawn says:

My sister is pregnant and the baby is a girl, so should I do this on my
“future” niece when she needs to go to sleep? BTW, I’m 14 years old and I’m
going to be an aunt. it’s weird, isn’t it? Yeah, you think I’m too young to
be an aunt? You’re wrong xD

Tony F says:

I dislike all your video. I reported several of your video too. They are
absolutely inappropriate, immature and unethical. Please don’t waste your
time to keep making such ridiculous videos anymore. 

SkkyKidd says:

That fucking russian sleep experiment shi keeps coming up someone needs to
take down that video

TacoSalad954 says:

I am reporting you for child abuse!

Robert Jackson says:

Pretty sure hes do one where he cooks a computer using a baby after
hamering his toilet with an egg……………

Xander Roberts says:

Rest in nachos. Your pink crib will be remembered

John Egbert says:

idk haters, maybe he has the rights to purchase anything he desires and do
whatever he wans to said purchase just as everyone else.

Alex Menendez says:

God I hope this guy doesn’t have any pets, children, or living relatives.
Yeah, it’s a doll, but what kind of grown man does this Silence of The
Lambs shit in his free time?

Whatever, I’ve already watched like 20 of these, he’s having fun, I’m sort
of enjoying these, so it doesn’t matter.

But I’d still never want to meet this guy in person. 

Bryan Prado says:


ron thattrollagen says:

reported for child support and child porn

angi cracra says:

i follow this steps for my sister…. she is really sleeping! thanks :D!

Xin Guan says:

How to make your baby sleep

Turn him into a pile of nachos

Angie Xoxo says:

Bruh…. Shut the fuck up…. You dont like the shit dont fucking watch it
bruhhh…… Like he even cares about your comments anyway

Khalid Alzirkani says:

You are not nice I am calling the number911

Samuel Berrios says:

Damn the baby got some before me

Frank Chen says:

omg thank u so much, i’ve been tryna deal with these kids for days

Dovah Bug AJ says:

You are a great father

LPSTerra ` says:


Virtimera says:

I won’t be surprised if I find out he has a stable family of wife and two
children in real life.

DontWakeTheNeighbour says:

Okay, I followed all your instructions… now… how do I wake up the baby?

Aiden Reason says:


Chuck Norris says:

reported for child pornography

Kian Theyers says:

So if everyone thinks that he is “wasting food”, so what, if he doesn’t do
these videos, world hunger will be solved? I’m sorry, but this food is
CLEARLY not going to solve world hunger, but if he wants to enjoy what he
has, thats okay. Now someones gonna say “oh, you’re being horrible to poor
people” no, I’m not! I’m saying this guy is just enjoying his life. DEAL
WITH IT. No matter how many times you comment, it won’t affect any
situation whatever.

Kitty cake Games says:

This video made me sick,its a remake of child abuse please don’t make howto
videos like this,I hope people understand

SN011GlobeTrot says:

HowToBasic! You’ve really done it this time! We’ve been looking to flag and
have you banned for awhile and this one we are finally going to get you on!
Hahaha you’ve gone too far this time mate… Just wait!

pupicucek2 says:

Anyone tried this? Does it work?

i'm hungry says:

thanks for the tips

Pvtdountdude says:

Poor people in Africa could have eaten that baby! ;(

Wishmimu Cool Y Divertido 10 says:


Kim Bong Un says:

my baby is blue and isn’t breathing ,is that normal

James Deegan says:

he looks like a vary nice guy I can imagine irl (how to talk to your boss)
he should have a tv and radio station

Easily Offended Don't Read This... says:

I can see this guy being a fucking serial killer…

VipahSnipah says:

You bastard! That baby could have eaten kids in Africa!

Yolo32 says:

Omg i was going to die 

Steven Fernandez says:

Help, I got my dick stuck in the baby. What did I do wrong?

Adriana Godoy says:

Unfortunately this happens to real babies 

Wilhelm Sandström says:

i tried this, it worked.

Michael K Vang says:

That baby was scary he was a tacos.

Burford boy2009 says:

wouldnt it be weird/funny/cruel if these were his baby sisters dolls? just
everything they’ve been through

Haiver Ventura says:

Why are people alawys talking about africans

Sherry Trifirio says:

do “How To Get Arrested in Mexico”

ThatOneEpicGuy says:

I tried this and my baby died! :(

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