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BABY SLEEP MUSIC – uses a gentle instrumental approach to help put your baby to sleep. With so many people having problems putting their baby to sleep, we engineered music baby sleep music to help with insomnia


Robloxpokemonr says:

Im 10 I hear this every night and I fall asleep like 2 minutes

Namuun Gantumur says:

Put my 5 week old sister to sleep in 1min! She didnt sleep all day omg
goodbye to lullabies :)) 

Ariyhal Lashawn says:

I just put my niece to sleep to this thank you

sephorastyles4ever says:

Thank you for uploading this video! 9 month old fell asleep within 3
minutes. I just gently rubbed his leg and he was knocked out like that!
Thanks again! :)

Samantha Smith says:

It put my 2yr old son to sleep in 2mins after he was throwing a tantrum
because he didnt wanna go to sleep at 9:30pm so I googled how to put my bby
to sleep fast and this was the first thing That popped up so thnx

T7LI says:

Didn’t put him to sleep, but it made him very happy. Thank you for
uploading! ^^

Baya Zid says:


Bernadette Newell says:

Brilliant use it every night 

Stephany Zamora says:

My baby was moving and crying and i just put this on and in about 4 min he
fell asleep, thank you.

Lea Daily says:

Trying to put a 9 month old to sleep she’s tossing and turning

Anke Zohm says:

beautiful music!

easysleepmusic says:

amazing news

Felipe Gonzalez says:

im deeply in pain I don’t know y

Orban Jolana says:

Wonderful.- Congratulations.-B

Jessica Bradford says:

I tried 6 different songs and this is the one that put my 12 week old to

Christine B says:

Amazing!! My cousin fell asleep straight away! He’s a nightmare to get to
sleep but thanks to this he’s great now! :’)))

SulliJayne101 says:

Im not a baby, and I fell asleep.

Omar Alobidi says:

I CANT SLEEP!!!!!!!!!! D;

Herman Hanauer says:

Yes i did the same shared it with my Facebook friends and decided to be
myself for this moment a big baby…

Rian Thompson says:

My 3 month old nephew fell asleep after 4mins…and 6 mins was in a deep
sleep. never saw him in a deep sleep…like EVER!!!!! Thank you. 😀

valko12311 says:


Sakina Jalal says:

My sis went to sleep less then 5 mins

Elfy Mercado says:

this actually works.. the laptop died on me while falling asleep to this
and the music stopped. And I couldn’t fall asleep. :T true shit bruh

✿◠‿◠ ♥ Kɪʀɴéᴀ ᑕᖺᗩﬡﬡᙓᒪ 1 ♫ says:

Very relaxing music not only for babies for us also :) Thanks for you Kirnéa

winteramoore says:

Works for me a mother and my baby and teenager

Katrina Murphy says:

Swaddled, rocked, paci, music…goodnight my baby (5 weeks),

seanz ma says:

This worked thanks :)

Bryce Hostens says:

Knocked my 3 week old daughter right out c:

keara cooper says:

dang worked pretty fast for my son….

Nite Patrol says:

my two year old went out at 2 1/2 mins….very relaxing

boobs says:

this is great, so peaceful.

JayLynnTheDragonHunter says:


Desiree Sanchez says:

Love this!

karen Santos says:

wow so relaxing…..

Genate Travis says:

finna try this and im grown.

iWaterFlood says:

that’s the day the world is going to “END”

krista flores says:

Toliveformusic So am I!!!

tommydags1 says:

lovely style and beautiful rhythmic melody progression and instrumentation.
Amazingly peaceful and innocently calm. Like listening to the wind for
comfort on a cold winter’s morning.

RoddyPipersBigFatAss says:

This is absolutely beautiful – thanks for sharing it with me. I may be a
baby no more but this music seems to do the charm.

easysleepmusic says:

great news :)

LaTanya Crowder says:

I see God in the clouds

laylony23 says:


Abbi Ramos says:

My baby has been fussy all day but with this , she is in a deep sleep ,
Thank Youu ♡

Panda299 says:

Beautiful! Reminds me of being out back, lying in the grass surrounded by
flowers and trees….. very relaxing :) so Thank you ^^

nittuninadie says:

Thanks! it shut my wife mouth, she stop complaining and start blinking.

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