Shark Fishing Safety, Avoid A Baby Black Tip Shark Attack

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How to hold and NOT to hold a small shark. Avoid getting bit!This was a few weeks back, we caught a bunch of small shark like the one that bit my friend on the shoulder. You can see the proper way to handle a small shark and what you shouldn’t do in this video. Enjoy!!!


Sophia Worker says:

Shark Fishing Safety, Avoid A Baby Black Tip Shark Attack

donnoble17 says:

Is there absolutely no better passtime for you inbred red neck retards. Go
watch a movie, shoot some pool, go trekking, jack off to some shark
videos…anything other than this. 

Tran Khoi Nguyen says:

ain’t you afraid that the baby you let go will definitely remember you and
get his or her revenge one day, just like in typical movies?

Shabbir Lunawadwala says:

That fish was like.. Who d Heck did u call a baby XD

Ivan Martinez says:

I Fish in Galveston Texas , where do you fish at ?? 

Tigerpuffer says:

Would have liked to see the shark released quicker, but good job keeping
him nice and wet during the photo op. So few people do this, and it’s
really quite mind blowing that people think you can release an animal after
basically choking the shit out of it for several minutes. Like I said I’d
have preferred a quicker release but you’re probably one of the best shark
handlers I’ve seen, both for your own sake and that of the animal.

Mackenzie Kin says:

hahah the girl tried to kiss it. what was she thinking

Hunter Scott says:

Sharks are awsome thank you I loved the video

Nicks Herptiles says:

Hay dnahoghunter it was funny in watching this show “when fish attack 3 ”
and then you popped up on it with this video and I said to my self I know
this guy I’m subscribed to him on you tube any way I thought it was funny
and cool that I saw u on TV :) have a good day

ManlyTexan says:

That’ll be a cool man scar story to tell! Still got my catfish fin scar
from when I was in the 1st grade 20 something years ago, lol

MCHD Productions says:

Cool Nice work and they should listen to u guys

TexasSmoking says:

Just saw this clip on tv! Gettin famous d!

diego mercado says:

pobre animal que asco de gente clavandole los dedos uno tras otro

SMGJohn says:

Like a tiger bite, nasty

absinthe64 says:

Lol, Dumb asses, Dumb asses everywhere…….

andre hodi says:

great job.just subscribed and looking forward to more vids.all the way from
perth australia

Intervader Kai says:

at less u set it free

Daynalovexox says:

I think people should catch fish and put them back
Because that’s what happens!

daniel rocha says:

Like how he did not drop his beer/drink even when the shark turned and got
him lol

Caleb Tarango says:

I saw you at calaveras great inspiration to Me man. 

osiris caro says:

no mames q mordida paisa wey

240sxkyle says:

What bait did you use to catch the black tip? Also what size hook would you

Shabbir Lunawadwala says:

That fish was like.. Who d Heck did u call a baby XD

Mahmoud Nageeb says:

how are you saying that sharks won’t bother attacking us in the water, it’s
well known that sharks are dangerous and they attack and sometimes eat
people, could you please explain

henrique santiago says:

what kind that baby shark was? tiger?

sultan munsani says:


noytheya says:

Where are you guys at?

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