How To: Moby Wrap Newborn Hug Hold

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A requested video on how to wear a newborn in the Moby Wrap. :)

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Karie Clingo says:

I “carried” all 5 of my babies, and couldn’t wait to “moby wrap” my
granddaughter-Loved it!!! Thanks for this video….I saw some things I can
do the next time around to wear the wrap (giving my daughter a rest) this
next time around with another granddaughter on the way!!! YEAH! Baby’s
LOVE to be cuddled like this! They are so much happier, smarter, calmer.
My grown kids and I are very close—I think “carrying the baby” in
whichever wrap/carrier you find helps tons!!! SOLD. :) 

Emily Alexander says:

Thank you so much as soon as I got my newborn in she was able to take air
out I had no idea I work for that also

RubianPrincess11 says:

My newborn hated this wrap. He was uncomfortable with his legs in the wrap
and very fussy. It’s also difficult to wrap your body with a huge piece of
cloth. Not for me. I’ll be returning this item for sure. 

Petrina Dube says:

Thank you for this. How long can I leave my newborn’s head unsupported in
this position? Will his neck be alright if I don’t support his head while
he is in the sling? 

Ulopez haukaas says:

My baby boy loves it

Daniela Palmiotta says:

È sbagliata la posizione. Il piccolo è seduto sulle sue gambine

Rolf Iven says:

Works! Thanks for that!

Tiffany Spence says:

his leg doesn’t look comfortable

Mr&theMrs says:

This is so helpful! We will definitely do this where our baby is older
enough. Thank you.

VictorianRabbit3456 says:

It looks so great and when you wear it it looks secure but I’m way too
nervous of a person after watching this to trust my squishy newborns life
in a knot. I’m just a nervous person but it looks good for around the house

getfitwithkatelyn says:

I want to breast feed my baby in one of these is there a wrap that I can do
with it. 

Tiffany Spence says:

his leg doesn’t look comfortable

Kendall Nathan says:

Thank you so much for this demo on how to use the Moby wrap with a newborn!
They make it seem really confusing at Buy Buy Baby, but a lot of ladies
from the LLLI meeting I went to strongly suggested the Moby above other
wraps. Very helpful and useful information, and you made it look really
easy. Thanks again.

Lyla Bakhit says:

Great demonstration ! Definitely cleared the confusion I was having! 

Matt Waite says:

My baby girl has reflux, and putting her in this really has helped her calm
down and go to sleep. She was born a large baby (9lbs 2oz, 21 inches), and
is only a week old as of today.

I was wondering if you had any pointers on how to get her out of the wrap
without waking her up. We haven’t been able to do that successfully yet…

Jessica DeBella says:

Thank you!!! You made it so easy to learn to wrap my son. I got a Moby wrap
given yo me and I had absolutely no idea where to start! thank you again
and Liam thanks you too!!!

Nicole Perrick says:

AWesome! Thank you ;)

Joel McIntosh says:

Super helpful for this new dad and his new son. Thanks!

abridges1980 says:

Thank u so much for this! My daughter is a month old and this is the only
way I’ll be able to get anything done. 

anna zicer says:

Thanks for this video!
Could you confirm that the position the baby is in is like a “frog” kind of
position. Hips should be open and his belly touching mine?
Thanks in advance 

rasheen murphy says:

Thanks for sharing…I’m using and breastfeeding in it…such an help! 

Kris De Block says:

thank you for explaining! helps alot

Felicia Gomez says:

Perfect tutorial <3

Teresa Daily says:

Thank You! the booklet that comes with it confused me. Watching you I had
it done in 30 seconds!

Kathy Santos says:

Thanks a bunch for this video! There was absolutely no way I was going to
figure the wrap out my self haha.

flamethrowerlove322 says:

Is there any head support?

Jena Evans says:

soooooooo… what the fuck. my fiance and i have tried to tie this piece of
shit thing at LEAST 100 times, and this is the 5th video intructions video
we’ve watched on this subject. the first cross, the back raises up and
pulls our shirts up. it doesnt seem to work. jesus EFF

lovehopefaith89 says:

Thanks for the tutorial :-)

Delorean014 says:

Awesome sister got this for me and wife and I felt like I was a Jedi when I
put it on

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