How To: Moby Wrap Baby Hug Hold

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How To: Moby Wrap Infant Hug Hold

Watch the newborn version:

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Olena Somov says:

Loved the video! Tried it several times and it never worked, but after I
watched the video, I got my 6 weeks old baby in without any problems! Thank
you! Moby should definitely pay you for this; I was on the verge of
returning my Moby sling, until I saw the video and worked it out!

Teresa Daily says:

Much easier tutorial than that stupid book!

CJ Musser says:

this was just perfect and so simple to follow! Thanks so much! I used it
all the time when my son was a newborn, but he’s 3 months old now and over
14 lbs, so he’s not easy to get into the newborn hold and I was scared to
death to try this! I pulled it off first shot after watching your video!

czarina0981 says:

Great tutorial! My son is also small I think he’ll be around 13-14lbs too
by the time he’s 7 months. He is almost 5 months now & only 11.5 lbs but
growing :) 

Joy ful says:

Moby looks like it would be great for those with more than one little one!
I really want one so I can wear my newborn (due in the Spring) and have my
hands free for my toddler!

Jakob chapman says:

What is your phone number because I don’t know how to do name is

BLISSFULmommy13 says:

Is it easy to breast feed in the moby? I’m 10 weeks pregnant and would love

Nicole Pfeiffer says:

I love the giggle :)

Gretchen Istre says:

I could never figure out my Moby with my first. So happy to have found your
videos so I can get some use out of it!

chroniccrochet says:

I mean demo!

chroniccrochet says:

Really great review :)

Rachel DeHart says:

wish I had one when my babies where small

Hannah Meyer says:

Really helpful videos, great for first time parents (like us!) trying to
figure out which wrap to get! Found these videos just in time for the
giveaway ;)

Rachel Roberts says:

Would you be able to use this hold for a newborn? I am wary of where to put
his feet? The last time I had him in his little foot was squashed and it
hurt him till I loosened it to the outside of the wrap. X

LittleHeart5 says:

I lovve that they have MLB team mobys :) How cute! Thank you for this video

Amy V says:

Great video!

Brittaney Wilson- Harris says:

Looks very versatile. You can use it for big babies and newborns. Love it!

Elizabeth Serpas says:

Yaay thank you for this video now I know how those work :) I just had my
baby girl 12 days ago I’d love a Moby wrap !!

mrsthomas1989 says:

Great tutorial!! 

Vasya Solnyshko says:

I’ve never actually used a moby wrap before. I’vee heard great things about
them though. Your video makes them look less complicated. Thanks.

brittsTTCtoob says:

Super cute how he fell right to sleep! Thank you for this tutorial. I hope
to have one of these with my next baby, due summer 2014.

Anke Hatcuk says:

I’ve always wondered how these worked, they’re kind of unwieldy at first!

Jamie Noyes says:

Would love to win one

amy moses says:

My favorite thing about this video, he fell right asleep snuggled into
mommy <3

StaceyTTCin2013 says:

very convenient! 

Taryn Rosa-Suarez says:

Love it enter me in your giveaway 

Shayna Crissey says:

Awesome video, thanks for sharing! 

The Natural Born Mama says:

I think this hug hold will work great. Thanks for sharing!

School of Creatividad says:

I would love a black or blue moby wrap!!

Cathy Stone says:

Love it! I would like the black one :-D

Amanda Zwak says:

Heard great things about the moby wrap can’t wait to see if i win one! 

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