How to Hold a Newborn on Your Shoulder

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Nestled against your shoulder, your baby will have a great ‘lookout’ position when she’s wide awake—and a comfy place to rest her head when she’s feeling sleepy.

Step 1: Drape burp cloth
Drape the burp cloth over the shoulder you plan to use. Make sure it hangs down at least several inches in back and front so you’re covered if the baby spits up.

If you’re right-handed, you might want to put your baby against your left shoulder, and vice-versa. That way, as you get more confident holding her you’ll have your ‘good’ hand free to do other things.

Step 2: Pick up baby
Pick up your baby by supporting her head and neck with one hand and her hips and bottom with the other. Holding her close to your body, stand up straight.

Step 3: Position baby
Hold her as high or low against your chest and shoulder as feels comfortable. Some babies like to snuggle down low enough to hear your heartbeat. Others prefer being able to peek over your shoulder.

Positioning a baby high on your shoulder so that her arms hang down your back can help relieve an upset tummy by putting pressure on it. Just be sure to hold on tight.

Step 4: Rock or sway
With your fingers spread to give her maximum support, feel free to rock or sway or—if you’re feeling especially graceful and content—gently dance with her in your arms.

Did You Know?
Most moms instinctively will hold their babies on the left side—perhaps to literally keep them near their hearts.


Mizz Piggy Middletrese says:

Well my 5 day old know how to hold and turn hes own head around with out my
help O.O .. I dont knw if thats normal this early

justice says:

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Olivia Brown says:

okay look this was 7 months ago and i was only trying to get likes and i
was trying to be funny.

Pannef says:

Well, if you really want to make a difference you should consider one day
adopting an older child. Babies really have no problem getting adopted
(domestically speaking.) It’s the older kids that get left by the wayside.

TheGreatMadison says:

When I first held my baby girl Ella like this, I was afraid I was going to
slam her face into my shoulder.. :/

Paragon says:

thats how babies get oval heads like stewie

Randomzeeful says:

Me too

archocolate says:

So….where do I get a baby?

justice says:

mom says put in your fake info

dreamera1 says:

lol i automatically do that, im born to be a mother

BonJoviLoverLASHY says:

Omg, sorry but get a grip…yeah you’re watching it, no one really cares
what age you are all they care about are the veiws.

azn boy says:

lol i laughed at that too

fikujez says:

“You will need: a baby” I love this channel, but lines like this one are

Tiff Compton says:


scarlet657 says:

change you title because I though you were a child abuser. I thought i was
going to see a baby-parrot-thing

Red Fox says:


Olivia Brown says:

if it get annoying why are you giving people a reaction?

spiffyleezy says:

dang it i 4got the baby, wht was i holding than?? lolsss

MiaDahLightiie says:

You will need: 1. A baby. Nope sorry havn’t got one.

EvangelineKitten says:

Why am I watching these? I’m not pregnant… Weird

mentalelley says:

I’d think they’d hold it to their left because that gives their right hand
more control than just being the chair hand for the baby.

Olivia Brown says:

if you are 9 how the hell did u get a youtube account, you have to be 13 or

Lesly Bocanegra says:

hm…..let’s see.Burp cloth,check.Baby,:O where do i get one?!

wwejohncenafan96 says:

how do i inbox you?

Philip Cousin says:

I’ve always wanted to be a dad.

BonJoviLoverLASHY says:

Thank you! People come on these videos for advice and to share experiences,
not to flash their ages about :)

Theevilcreator9000 says:

@JustinBieber4Luv1 It’s not like you’ll be holding cats this way anyways.

asdfjkl0lkjfdsa says:

me too. i kinda feel like parents who choose to have lots of kinds are
being selfish because there’s already too many without parents. having one
or two yourself is fine the duggars overdid it.

Ryan Jade says:

YOU left ME ha haha hahaha WRONG bitch i was never with you so dont lie

Lee Lindley says:

Acutally that probably is a newborn… my daughter is 3 weeks old and looks
very similar to this baby in the video.

MsCuteBuzz says:

i just let the baby spit on me i dont care im 13 but i hold my sis baby

FlutistPride says:

Just why does age matter when watching these videos? There is nothing
inappropriate or disturbing. I’m 13 and it’s never too early to learn how
to care for a baby.

BonJoviLoverLASHY says:

I wasn’t looking for an argument, I was simply stating no one gives a
flying fu*k what age you are.

Shradha Kabra says:

So we need a baby? Oh man, I didn’t know that. Plus, won’t we also be
needing a shoulder?

Olivia Brown says:

well someone’s on their period. why can’t you just let it go it was like 8
months ago, plus i dont really see why this really had anything to do with
you, you were just you were just looking for a fight. and i can tell you
now im not going to stoop down that low to your level. and for the record i
have grown up.

Grant Calderwood says:

@SDNR3001 I am. Why are you saying this to me?

zeelelynn says:

i hold babies on the left side only for some reason on the right side it
feels weird

wwejohncenafan96 says:

i want a baby lol

Sexybabe604 says:

That is not a new born..she is awfully cute though

tara37830 says:

i laughed so hard when they went over what you needed

ShelbzGrl says:

i love babies!

wonderall100 says:


Ms.Tee says:

did anyone notice the first tip said the same thing twice

Grant Calderwood says:

Aaaawww the baby is so adorable.

12345sala says:

@EvangelineKitten Me neither, and im still watching it- hahahahhaa i think
its cute.

citypenguin says:

Wouldn’t most moms hold them on their left side because most people are
right handed?

NewEye2World says:

All newborn fathers’ must watch this video! Fact showninthe end is
wrong..most women are right handed and right handed person feels more
comfortable with baby on right side..

exoticsin16 says:

Hey, I get to have one of these in a few months. :)

wwejohncenafan96 says:

hahaha you watched that stalking video about me?no it was my ex pissed
cause i left her so she got revenge

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