How to hold a newborn baby

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Ari13 says:

Those are not newborn babies-most of the babies shown in the pic are over 6

bradwatson7324 says:

This doesn’t show very much the methods of moving the baby into the various
positions. It’s like showing you the finish line without showing you the
rest of the race.



ASU795 says:

how cute

polarbearslovemusic says:

lol i just came to look at cute babies haah (: i can’t wait untill i grow
up and have my own kids 😀 moms are like, wtf, bitch you craaay? you
sureee? yeah, im sure (:

justiceingeneral says:

I Luve babies. I hope I can have them when I’m older

Aɴɴα Sтуℓєѕ says:

I can’t wait to have babies. I HATE being 11

Ari13 says:

@sweetnessrenaify yes but it’s VERY different to hold a newborn from 0-3
mos than a 6 mos old- a 6 mos old baby has head control is bigger and
stronger and doesnt need nor want to be held the same way a newborn needs
to/likes to. My point is if someone wants to know how to Hold a newborn
they need to show Newborn infants-who dont have head control, they’re very
tiny VERY DIFFERENT than a 6 or so mos old

Simon Taylor says:

I agree with the other comments. A real newbon has absolutely no control of
her neck!

pearl6570 says:

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