How to Cradle Hold a Baby

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Want to gaze into your baby’s eyes and marvel at the miracle of life? Then this is the hold for you.

Step 1: Pick up baby
Pick up the baby by sliding one hand under her neck and head and the other under her hips and bottom, spreading your fingers, and lifting her to your chest.

It’s always easiest to cradle hold a baby who’s been swaddled.

Step 2: Position arms
Gently slide the hand supporting her head and neck down along her back, allowing her head and neck to slide along your forearm and nestle into the crook of your arm.

Step 3: Give support
Continue cupping her hips and bottom in your other hand, with your fingers spread to give her the most support.

Step 4: Bring close to body
Bring her close to your body, and lose yourself in those baby blues—or browns—or greens—or grays…

Did You Know?
Newborns can see only about 8 to 15 inches away—meaning they can just clearly make out the face of the person holding them.


Grant Calderwood says:

Cute Baby and she has a cute face.

Sodori says:

Baby start sucking your tits, seen that on a guy with real man boobs!!

KittyCat0729 says:

what about hazel eyes?

BonJoviLoverLASHY says:

Hehe you’ve gotta admit it’s cute :)

Honey Bunny says:

0:52 Gotta admit that was pretty cheesy.

doctoroctopus2099ssu says:

I have 2 infant cousins so this is good info for me

coeuracorps1 says:

@101MusicaLife Yes! Probably in order to avoid the baby’s crying! Just look
at his face, he doesn’t feel well,doesn’t like te way he is picked up and
held!! Poor babies, if some parent watch this and try to do the same way
!!! The proper way is when the babie’s body isn’t tensed but relaxed, that
means to keep his natural position (“foetal”). At this age the vertebral
column is not straight but curved. The baby lying in his mum’s armas like
if he was lying on a board, not comfortable, that’s sad

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wow top left corner 4:46

brittany sako says:

@101MusicaLife ya i saw it

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