Erik Arbores – Hold On (Mmm Baby) [Original Mix]

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Erik Arbores – Hold On (Mmm Baby) [Original Mix] is OUT NOW. Grab your copy on Beatport here :

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Golden boy Erik Arbores returns to OXYGEN with a great vocal progressive tune! It goes by the name of Hold On (MMM Baby) and it will make any crowd go crazy!

DJ Feedback:
R3hab: Played in my radio show
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: Supported on our radio show
Sander van Doorn: Supporting
Austin Kramer / Sirius XM: Love it supporting
Matisse & Sadko: Support
The Chainsmokers: Love this guys stye
Marcelo CIC: Support

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Darshil Shah says:

Soo, im 16.. eric arbores is 17. When he was my age he got signed up with
spinnin records and released two great tracks – get ready and galactic. and
now i’ve decided, imma throw my playstation away

ERareMusic says:

This sounds amazing, this is the style Erick Arbores should hold!

Darshil Shah says:

I just dont see the point in adding “(mmm baby)” in the name

hakesz says:

That’s Progressive House, right ?

Дмитрий Машинский says:

what the fuck is this?

Deon van Niekerk says:

I hope Erik Arbores keeps this style of music. 

Essential Music says:

Amazing tune! :) I was waiting since I heard teaser :)



pan-da Castro says:

this is pretty original! I LOVE IT , never hear much good music nowadays

Paul de Rooij says:

+Jonas Akyildiz 

Emmanuel GIRAUD says:

I saw it @Titan Club two weeks ago, he felt so happy to play in front of a
public, that’s really amazing. When his set was done, he wanted to take
photos with peoples but Security Guards took it away from us, too bad ahah.
What an amazing person he is !
(Sry for my bad english…)

Chill State says:

Amazing progression and catchy vocals! Outro sounds irrelevant and
amateurish… but overall it’s a great track!:)

Spinnin' Records says:

Erik Arbores – Hold On (Mmm Baby) [Original Mix] is OUT NOW. Grab your copy
on Beatport here :

Tarik Akoudad says:

Mmm dont like the vocals,,

Joshua van Hamburg says:

DVBBS should remix this!! DVBBS #1 DJMAG

LostSoundNetWork says:

This isn’t that bad. i like it:)

Miriam Ceballos says:

es inpactante me gusta muxo este tio tiene unas producciones muy buenas

Esteban Azuara says:

He’s good producer but fake dj. Just fake

MrPyroZFireworks says:

This song wants to be epic, but it’s not ._.

cheng li says:

I am 19 and Eric Arbores is 17 now and he signed with spinnin records, how
do i find the use of this Engineering degree?

Andy Pok says:

I’m still waiting for this to drop on iTunes….

Lohengrin says:

If you want to play this song here’s the chord progression :) Have fun
G I D I Em – F#m I Bm

EDMSmartalic says:

I hear that you got the white noise oscillator on. Haha

Krackz says:

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channel. Im make progressive house, big room and electro. At tue moment I
only have 76 subscribers and I would love to have at least 100 by october.
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Plasmallow says:

Never see a young dj so good like that

Max NL says:

Always the same sound -___-



VeGa AmeriKa BaNgs Electro*Trap*Trance says:

This would be great without the “Mmm Baby”

ali adel ali othman says:

Anyone thinks that the melody is from “Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks”

DyDog12 says:

So strange that Erik is a normal person to me, he’s not a friend really,
but he just lives in my town.

KAMAL Z says:

Oooh that melody…

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