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BDWJ1986 says:

It’s seems that at this point every single thing this family does deserves
a breaking down. Somehow all the kids are neglected if the comments section
is to be believed. 10 to 20 minute vlogs equals all the time they spend
with their kids I guess. Shay brags too much. He’s just talking. He is glad
for what he has. He’s talking about experiences he’s having. That’s what
vlogs are for. Get off this mans nuts already. This isn’t five years ago.
He’s has money. His family has money. They will get nice things. It’s their
money, they can do what they want with it. They have money set aside for
every child already. They got a house in a area that wont cost nearly as
much as it would have if they stayed in LA. Collete’s sisters are not money
moochers. THEY DID NOT LIVE IN THE SAME STATE. Now that they live near each
other, they can hang out more. That the main point of moving. To be close
to family. Just relax already around here. They’re a family success story.
They are enjoying life and sharing that new life with you. If you have a
problem with the way they live now, keep it movin. There are plenty of
family vloggers on the internet now. Not everything needs a critical eye.

liz marie says:

Hey shay and collette, in my family we have 5 kids and in the same order as
your family so boy, girl, girl, boy, boy and I feel like the oldest boy
gets left out because they don’t have that close sibling like the rest of
the kids. Always include sontard in everything in the future because I have
seen the affects of my older brother growing up without that close sibling
bond and it is upsetting. This may not happen in your family of course but
always have one on one time with sontard because it may mean the world to

Caitlin Cox says:

Alright shay I love you and your family but we all know you have a
wonderful life and have everything you need/want/desire so why are you
bragging about how wealthy you are and everything you have. You don’t say
it directly to us like you don’t say “I am wealthy and your not” but you’re
practically saying the same thing by bragging about everything….

Julio Mejia says:

So…. he records his family and gets millions of views… the fuck.

Ayleen Regalado says:

Guys If Your Christian And You Go Trick Or Treating You Shouldn’t Because
Alot Of Bad Stuff Happen On That Day. Shay If Your Reading This Don’t Take
Your Kid Trick Or Treating. Please Don’t Get Mad At Me And Reply “Their
Kids They Should Have Some Fun And Not Have Some Stranger Looking Over
Them!”. If Your A Parent Or Guardian Just Buy Your Kids Or Kid Alot Of
Candy And They Will Be Happy :). I Went To Church And When I Went To Class
The Teacher Told Us All That We Should Not Go Trick Or Treating. Just
Google “Is Halloween Ment For Christians?” And Then You Will Get The Answer
And Proof.

met uer says:

I could kidnap Baby Rackston.

Xanthia JubJub says:

When Shay puts in them pictures it always makes me think back to the old
Vlogs where he would end it with a speech about the picture
Good old times :)

Rachel Lovette says:

I feel bad for Gavin.. Emmy and Avia have each other and Brock and Daxton
have each other.. but Gavin is all alone :( I feel that!

Tyler McCraw says:


Freyjjahughess says:

Brock isn’t a baby. He isn’t even a toddler, 4 is a child. It kinds bothers
me that Shay babies Brock so much. There great parents and all but they
shouldn’t be treated Brock like an infant. 

ReeceAndLaurenVlogs says:

Brock is such a good big brother :D

TheDontcallmemaybe says:

I don’t wear my shoes in the house, but I know a few people who walk right
into their homes, and all up in their house with em’ on. I find it to be
dirty if you do, and find that people who do wear them in the house, their
houses are usually dirty too. All depends on how u were raised. Either way,
doesn’t matter. This family is awesome! 

WTF6113 says:

GUYS STFU, stop complaining about shay bragging or showing off his new
life. he worked very hard to get here. if you watched his vlogs in the
start you would know that they didn’t come from allot so he’s just excited
to show you how happy and excited that he is able to build his own house
now. if you tired of shay doing what you consider to be “bragging” or
“showing off” then just leave, because all he’s doing is recording his life
and this is a big part of his life. 

Rhi Boley says:

Omg I just saw you guys on tv!!! I live in Canada and you,cory, and the
moms view was the national! I’m watching it right now. I’m kinda freaking
out :s

Squidloves You says:

Snow in a few weeks?? In Ohio its supposed to snow on Halloween!! It’s
going to be a cold one..

cousinbeauty21 says:

2-3 weeks till it snows?!?! it says its going to snow on Saturday for us!

Backpack Nerfer says:

I think that recently Brock have been playing and helping Daxton

THAT’s CUTE!!!! (Like if agree)

Jennifer says:

It seems like Gavin is the least connected to his siblings. And before
anyone says, how do you know from 10 minutes of video a day? It’s just an
observation and a personal thought. It seems like Avia and Emmie are close,
naturally being the girls and Brock and Daxton …but it seems like Gavin
is just left out of the crowd and kind of forgotten sometimes.

Gio Machado says:

I feel like shay just brags about how perfect his life is lately 

opticrainbow says:

Wow….Brock is like, on cloud nine when he builds stuff and works with his
hands on anything at all. I think you guys should get him one of those
awesome kids workbenches. I think he would absolutely love it, although he
looks like he’s already ready for real tools and not just play-tools. also
mommytard, lol @ nevermind, no more building dreams! :-p Go Brock the

snoko2 says:

It’s happening again, in the beginning everyone felt like Avia was left out
as the middle child, then people said Avia got to much attention and Emmi
not enough, then people sad Brock was sad because he didn’t got enough
attention and now people think Gavin is getting left out. What’s next? Does
Daxton feel lonely too? I do not want to upset anyone and I do not mean
this offensive, but just because someone gets a little more attention in a
video than someone else doesn’t mean they feel left out, we shouldn’t worry
about the kids, I am sure they have a good time and do not feel left out of
this wonderful family.

Nutter Butterz says:

Why would you show a picture like that????

What makes you think anyone wants to see a picture of a Coyote with a dead
cat in its mouth?????

MagMonk100 says:

It’s already snowed in Wisconsin 😀 8 inches today.

Zeke Buf says:

OMG, pause at 0:14. You will see shay looking into your soul!

jack jones says:

I hate prinsses tard because she is to sasie

PrismNZ says:

Gee shay really thinks his family is superior and so cool compared to
others, shame that he has to bother making vlogs all day instead of
enjoying his day

MyHappinesz says:

Its new for me to see An american having such long beard…Its common in
INDIA…but Whats his Reason..Can someone tell me

Jemma Vine says:

Great vlog as usual! No worries about it being shorter – I love long vlogs,
but 10 minutes is absolutely fine with me!
Made me laugh so much when Shay edited in the coyote joke, hahaha! Brock
and Daxton’s relationship is the cutest thing ever. I’m so excited for when
Daxton is able to walk! He’s growing up so fast. I bet the kids’ Christmas
song will be awesome.
Love you guys ❤️

Kayla Charms says:

Daxtons eyebrows are more on fleek than mine…For you grown folk..fleek
means- Really on point, or perfect. 

sara maklad says:

Gavin is so nice and mature. God bless his little heart

Cassey Reyes says:

I felt sad when Shay said to Baby Daxton “When grandma grand passes away”.
I don’t know why, I just got sad. Maybe I just miss my grandma. 

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