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This superb video was made by Ameda, who make breast pumps. It’s wonderful to see a commercial company make the effort to hire excellent and well qualified people to produce a high quality marketing video that is informative and exhibiting Best Practice. Well Done Ameda!

We can’t reccomend this video highly enough, but although Ameda make it available for file share on the site (presumably they are happy with viral replication – it is a marketing tool after all!) we can’t get it to load properly.

We urge you to go to the site and see all of it:

The site also contains excellent breastfeeding support advice.

The pity of it being somewhat speeded up here, is you can’t get a sense of the wonderful ‘bobbing’ motion that the baby is doing, as it signals to the mother that it would like to breastfeed, as it’s getting hungry.

This ‘bobbing’ is an excellent cue to get baby onto Mum’s breast asap. Learning your baby’s feeding cues will save a lot of anxiety. Baby escalates up to starting to cry and get distressed as hunger kicks in (it’s never felt hungry in the womb, so hunger is a new and powerful feeling for it. Powerful feelings are quite scary for small babies – they haven’t a clue what’s going on.)

A good resource on feeding cues can be found here:

The latch info in the animation is so good, it doesn’t need any comment from us. There are a whole list of latch links that complement this video on “First Latch”:

If you have already got nipple problems because of a shallow latch, there are links to help on “Poor Latch Good Latch”:

The sheer competency of this five day old baby, as it seeks to latch itself to the mother, is just so wonderful to watch! This is another baby that knows exactly what it is doing, and Mum is doing a great job in supporting and helping baby.

However, as we explain in ‘Breast Crawl’, not all babies come out ready and willing to latch like this as modern birth practices can get in the way. If your baby is sleepy, disorganised or refusing the breast, the info and links on ‘Breast Crawl’ will help you:

Before we go – we are only reccomending this video, and the excellent breastfeeding advice on the Ameda site – not their products. None of us have ever used them, so we cannot comment.

Do go to the site, however, and watch this baby find that nipple and self latch! :-)

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yxu08 says:

Thank you so much for this vedio! I have extreme pain breastfeeding my baby
for 3 weeks since he was born. I just tried the skill and it really works!
Many thanks!

BreastfeedingBabies says:

Pacifiers, or dummies, can interfere with breastfeeding in the early days,
and the WHO reccomend they ae not used. The problem is, especially in the
first few weeks, if baby is rooting and suckling, you want baby to be on
your breast, not a silicon teat. Babies can fail to gain weight, if too
much pacifier use keeps them quiet, but not feeding. Some babies however,
have very high suckling needs, and a pacifier can be used to help them
soothe. In general, best not. It may be right for some.

Tina Smith says:

I used to do the “breast grab” to decide which breast to use next…since i
wasn’t always good at remembering which i used last. just grab your breasts
and you can FEEL which is fuller…then use that one for that feeding. easy
peasy! :)

Raquel Abreu says:

my baby hasn’t come yet but this video has given me more knowlege on the
correct way to breastfeed. i will use these tips and let you guys know how
it goes.

apr1pnh says:

thanks this video helps alot! this is my first pregnancy and now i have an
idea of how to do it…i was freaked out about that part!:)

Dahnah2008 says:

“Anyone giving me bottles, teats or pacifiers will be sued. Daddy is a
lawyer.” (ma’ baby) I copied this quote from you and I’m so in love with
it, I use it as my signature. 😛 thx, you’re so great!

Amber Shedden says:

Love this! My baby is almost seven weeks old and I’ve had a lot of problems
with my right breast. In the hospital, they taught me to position the baby
then guide the nipple into his mouth and every time on the right side he
inevitably gets a shallow latch, then he gets frustrated and angry when I
have to try to re-latch, often resulting in a worse latch. My right nipple
is in constant pain as a result and has had a small amount of blood a
couple of times now. I’m going to try this method!

iloveshinz says:

Thanks for uploading this vid! It’s so helpful…I’m not so nervous now,
thanks a lot! :)

Luisana Rosales says:

this info is amazing… if only i would have known this before i had my
daughter. I think I’m still learning the art of breastfeeding… She’s
almost 4 months now and im currently doing it which is beautiful but
sometimes it seems when she starts her feeding like she doesn’t want it =/
she still takes it though, that’s not a problem. She got my nipples really
sore the first 2-3 weeks.. never used shields coz i didnt know bout them
til like a month later hahaha i just breastfed sore and all lol

LaInspectora says:

What a great video. I had a rocky start with my little man, we weren’t
attaching properly and he did me some serious damage to my nipples, so I
used shields. But, with training like this I’m now weaning him off them. I
can’t wait till I don’t ever have to use them again!

BreastfeedingBabies says:

@bibifckenstar Many women feel scared, as they hear so many horror stories.
Luckily, your baby knows what to do, and you may end up like loads of women
– taking to it like a duck to water. It’s important to find yourself some
good support. I’m not sure where you are – but you will find a good
breastfeeding support group just about anywhere. La Leche League is very
good, and invite you to their free meetings during pregnancy, so you can
ask questions. Find others! :-) Good Luck!

desnik81 says:

How long should you breast feed your baby at a time.

BreastfeedingBabies says:

As I say in the info, this is all that makes it through for some reason –
we are working on it. If you go to the info on About This Video, and click
‘more’, you will get a link that will take you to the full video. :-)

Cheyenne KK says:

Im having a very hard time with daughter, she wakes up screaming and angry
and its very hard to get a good latch this way. I dont know what to do,
today she spit up and there was a decent amount of my blood in it :( Ive
resorted to strictly pumping for now because it hurts so much… There is
no LC around here to help

vanee2004 says:

great video. im expecting my first child. this viddeo is very helpful

BreastfeedingBabies says:

It can be very easy. It can be very hard work. Preparing to be flexible, is
a good idea. Lots of support in advance, and hope for a good experience! :-)

Lisa Steel says:

Good info! I’m 3 weeks from my due date now and wanted to be aware of how
to breastfeed. This makes it seem a lot less daunting!

BreastfeedingBabies says:

Pumping and bottle feeding breastmilk is far superior to using modified
cow’s milk (formula). However, the baby does miss out on oral muscle
development, and the connection between mother and baby in building
immunities isn’t as strong. So it’s not quite on a level with actual
breastfeeding. So you need to consider why you want to pump exclusively,
given that it’s much more hard work, more expensive, more time consuming
and generally a huge challenge to do so. Get good advice now! :-)

BreastfeedingBabies says:

You need some help. It you google ‘kellymom’ you will get an excellent info
site on breastfeeding. Also do the same for ‘La Leche League’. La Leche
League have a group in Belgium, and give free breastfeeding informationand
support – you can access their info in Flemish on their site, on in English
on the LLL International site. Please get some support!

BreastfeedingBabies says:

You should feed until the baby stops. In the early weeks, they feed until
‘milk coma’ when they literally fall off drunk and asleep! You should
switch your ‘start’ breast each time – one feed on the left, the next start
on the right, etc. Most babies will only need one breast at a time, for
quite some time. Then they will drain that breast, pull off, and you offer
the other one. Never restrict the first breast, by feeding for a few
minutes and then puulling off and forcing onto the other.

Vicky Hewitt says:

wow thxs that will come in handy

GratitudeRanch says:

Thank you for this video. I really want to breastfeed my baby, and am
trying to be as informed as I can be before. A good book that I’ve found so
far is “The womanly Art of Breastfeeding” from La leche league, but nothing
has mentioned the part on the hardpalate/soft/comfort zone. Thanks

unepetiteprincesse25 says:

thanks so much for posting this!!!!

EricaXzombie says:

I really like this video, I Have 2 daughters right now and exspecting my
3rd, I tride breast feeding with my frist and had very little luck and was
un able to by the time my milk dried up due to alot of meds i had to be on
(9 kidney stones suck with a new born) But i really want to try and get it
right this time so i dont have to rely on bottles, i have also noticed most
of the babies i have seen who r not bottle fed are less colicy.

xdeidox says:

please post the rest of the video..thx

hullkittycat says:

Wow this video is fantastic, i have been looking for something like this
for ages to use with my anti natal mums. Breastfeeding is one of the most
natural things anyone can do. I breastfed both my children for well over a
year, i loved every single minute of it, that closeness and the bond is
amazing. In the early days it can be quite hard, but with alot of support
and persistence you get there. Dont give up!!

BreastfeedingBabies says:

You should breastfeed your baby for as long as you and baby are happy to
continue. The WHO reccomend for a minimum of two years, and thereafter for
as long as mother and baby mutually desire. Pumping exclusively and bottle
feeding the milk is very hard work. Much harder work than putting the baby
to your breast. Some Mums cannot express well on pumps. It’s far far more
work for a mother to pump, and bottle feed, and to keep all the equipment
clean. It’s best to try at the breast first.

bibifckenstar says:

I’m scared to breastfeed :/

Kendra Marshall says:

My sweet baby is 1 week and 3 days old. I have been breastfeeding her non
stop and the pain will not let up. If things don’t get better for my
newborn and I, I might have to stop brestfeeding. : ( I understand now that
our latch is wrong. Thank you for this video going to try the tips you
stated now and let you know if I have any luck. Fingers crossed!

FailGirlGamer says:

I’m having trouble getting my boy to latch on. My breastfeeding got
interrupted during my exams, my mother insisted on formula milk. Since I’m
still producing breastmilk I’m trying to get to to suckle but at times he
absolutely refuses and throws a fit. He’s 10 weeks old today and we got
interrupted when he was 4 weeks for 3 weeks. I love breastfeeding but so
far it’s not going to well.

BreastfeedingBabies says:

Because the needs of women and children are not high on our culture’s
priority. Formula/bottle feeding allows mothers and babies to be seperated,
in order for the mother to work in industry, or to be available for her
husband, in all senses. A breastfeeding baby and mother, require society
accepts and allows mothering in public spaces. The Victorians sent the
children to the Nursery, our culture likes to keep them there. It’s
political. Feminism is lagging behind on this one…

vanee2004 says:

very helpful info as im expecting my first baby

Drandon says:

Great video! Thank you so much. My 2 week old son has a very poor latch and
I think this will help us a lot.

MissTSuperstar says:

i love this video sooooo helpful!!! thank you!

Cath B says:

Love this comment… Daddy is a lawyer! (lol) I think I can say Daddy is a
military. “Anyone giving me bottles or pacifiers will be punished and sued!
Seriously, breastfeeding is wonderful and I’ll do it soon too with my
upcoming baby girl on Sept. Thanks for the nice video.

BreastfeedingBabies says:

Good Luck! Find yourself some good support, now. Print off some basic latch
handouts. If you’re going into hospital, have a pre-made sign saying
“Anyone giving me bottles or pacifiers will be sued. Daddy is a lawyer.”
Breastfeeding can be perfectly easy and wonderful from moment one, or a
hard slog. May it be easy for you! Check out world wide web KELLYMOM com
for any info sheets you might need. :-) Having a baby is wonderful fun –
non one tells you that!

analossolana11 says:

i LOVE this video!!

iluvsims288 says:

This is a great video! My older sister just had her baby, and she wants to
know more about breastfeeding. This video is very helpful. Breastfeeding is
a natural and beautiful thing, so all you perverts need to shut up. You
will never experience the comfort and closeness of you and your baby
sharing this wonderful experience.

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