How to Latch Your Baby | Breastfeeding

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Learn how to latch your baby from lactation consultant Melissa K. Nagin in this Howcast video.

So a few tips for latching the baby on without detail are making sure
that the baby is right up at breast height. If it means that you have
to buy a pillow like a My Breast Friend or a Boppy, that’s fine. The My
Breast Friends are great because they’re like shells that the baby can’t
move anywhere. It Velcros onto you. The Boppies are great as well.
You might sometimes need a little bit of height underneath that. You
might have to shove a pillow up underneath it, but I’m equally as happy
seeing you take pillows off of your bed or your couch as long as the
baby is right up at breast height and you’re not hanging over, then that
is exactly what we’re looking for.

A lot of times, moms come to me and say, “The baby will not latch on,”
and that’s it. And most of the time, it’s that small little tweak in
positioning and they say, “Oh, I didn’t realize that,” and as long as
you’re okay with giving the baby a little bit of pressure, bringing the
baby into you, which is fine, nothing’s going to hurt the baby in
latching them on, then you will get that proper latch.

A lot of times, also, if you have a baby that’s having issues with
latching, you might want to have them evaluated,
especially if it’s more of a sucking issue, or if they can’t get a
proper seal. See a lactation consultant and have that assessed.


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