How to feed your reborn baby more realistically

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turn your volumes up since I am whispering xD
But yeah, you can’t tell on the video but if you do it on your doll you would see the difference and have more fun feeding your baby :)


Joshua Greene says:


bubba aii says:

hi i like your baby he so good

22byTaylor says:

+Kathy Wooz you have to seal the nipple and the milk isn’t always real
milk. People make videos showing you how to seal and make milk for bottles
but not always in one video. 

jessie later says:


Ahmaad Gallimore says:

he is so cute not to be mean but next time can you show your face.

Wendy Rolfe says:

A massage to kathy woods you seal the bottle so it doesn’t come out.

zombie3nergy says:

I agree white fizzy

titi torrez says:

he is so cute wut if the bottle nipple has a hole

BLUEBEAR014 says:

hey check out my vid reborn jillian

marcieandbrooklyn15 says:

@CockerSpaniels12345 How do you make milk for Jett?

ttbeezkneez5 says:

BBC cv

bri berry says:

Oh thx

thefrys5 says:

First view!!!!!

derykah evans says:

do she use it

Squad emily jason says:

u can put plastic wrap a little ball of in and put it in the whole of the

Mel Ren says:

I have five ferrets! Whats your ferrets name?

shellstwo says:

What the a Spanish person commenting saying question.anyway loved the video
request. Can you do a how to make a reborn nursery. Bye

Melanie Henson says:

What sculpt is he? He’s so pretty.

K Lynn says:

@theskye101 you buy it…..

Angela Macias says:

Y r u whispering

Chloe!! says:

She said why she is whispering.

bri berry says:

Do they actually drink or no

Amelia 'Lucy says:

What do you use to go in the bottle? X

Sandi Jones says:

@CockerSpaniels12345 Jett is such an angel!! i”m gonna sub. i am crying too

Kathy Wooz says:

i’m kinda confuzzled. So, the baby cant really drink the milk, but you’re
giving it milk with a bottle, doesn’t the milk like drip down…?

darla corina acosta lebrom says:

que sipnifica esto este video es una estafa y muy aburrido xD

Elza P says:

I also have to tend to my Quarter Horse Mare and Welsh x Shetland pony
gelding, my two guinnee pigs, my ferret, my African Pigmee mice and my
chickens! ;-D but I like to hold my two ‘babies’ and cuddle them. I have a
carrying bag and a pram to walk with them now and then. And offcoarse
buying clothes and change them in them and take pictures of Jonathan and
Aukje (that’s there names) showing them off. 😛 I do have a nursery in my
hobby chamber but the newborns and playdoll live in my living ro

theskye101 says:

i thought Jett was you baby brother! how did you make him?

steveradiohead says:

can you do a all your reborns and a night routine with them all plz <3

TapiocaGirl101 says:

jett is soooo cute

bella mainville says:

wow u r mean u were like scwish the bottle on the babys face

LauraBatana says:

Awww they are soooo cute i want one so bad!!

Erin Coughlin says:

The “milk” actually looks like it’s getting less in amount. I saw another
video where someone was feeding theirs and it looked like the milk was
actually being consumed and the amount was lessening.

loveagdolls12 says:

u cant get a full silicone baby 4 cheap cuz of thetexture and from how
materialistic they r,they go u 2 2000 $but i got my rebon that wz vinyl and
silicone,well only the arms and legs were,but u should check in uniqe

linda chetah says:

reborn doll is so cute!!

steveradiohead says:

so cool girl I love jett

April Diaz says:

where do you get your reborns ?

kalphonso36 says:

That’s a doll, right?!

thefrys5 says:

great video, u used the milk that u make, right?

zae zae mao says:

Does it actually drink?

Elza P says:

Hi! I don’t even have a YouTube channel for my Newborns, because I don’t
have the time to make movies with not to much time in between them… And I
don’t change diapers every day, or ‘feed’ my babies. 😉 My hobbie or
better passion started off with a big playdoll and collecting baby
clothing! I still have the last as major passion. I have two newborns:
‘Enny’ which is a boy by me from Elisa Marx and ‘Fay’ from daniëlle Zweers,
which is a girl. And my playdoll is here allso showing clothes. L

SillyConeBaby . says:

He is just beautiful! i love that boy! I am a new reborn mommy, I am hoping
to meet other reborn mommy’s through youtube, so I hope you check out my
channel, meet my new little sweetie pie’s and subscribe back to me, so we
can keep in touch :)

makayla brewer says:


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