How to feed Baby Alive

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Feeding Baby Alive and changing diapers.

You can tell by the look of this baby, she gets played with. This Baby Alive is the best doll for kids. Feeding baby alive.

Madison is Princesstard and Babytards biggest fan and she hopes they see her videos.


Fire Wolf says:

Wen its your birthday read this HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! P.s my birthday is on the
27th of october and i think you adorible and wen your older youll be a
wonderfull mummy and youll look pritty to. P.s hi :-) 

bluefirekin says:

Your daughter is so sweet, and I love how you can tell she really loves her
babies! What a beautiful child. I came here to see what a Baby Alive is
like – please tell your little girl she did an awesome job explaining
everything and giving such a fab demo :)

Rachel Paxman says:

How old you’re kid what five she shouldn’t be whereingmake up

Justice McCleave says:

Can i her the doll

Nazma Lal says:

I’m geting that doll on Monday

claudia amaza says:

Muestr tus otras miñecas

Shenique Raphael says:

Your cute

melody luna says:

She’s cut

Hermie Alcantara says:

shes so adorable :)

Sheryl Ali says:

You are a good dad

autumnsdolliedays says:

love the crib :)

Asia sierra says:


linda siewert says:

Yh vent gfghgf

mely loopsy says:

cute i saw one of your videos

linda siewert says:

Not fair

Jamille Sousa says:

voce destruiu a boneca toda arrebentada

qwalee Showers says:

We’re did u get the crib

EngSpringSpan says:

She is so cute and It is cute how she is acting so grone up adorable and
cute video guy isint she the cutest thing

Karla Lemus says:

Where you buy the doll

melani alice says:

where is her mom :/


Cute I have that baby alive and I called mine Lucy

Ashlynn Hayes says:

You are cute

Syaza s Idea says:


RapUnityTV says:


Petra Phillips says:

She is smart for a six year old


Oky oky oky

RapUnityTV says:


Adrian Ford says:


nkai tyson says:

She us soo cute

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