How To Feed a Baby

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Just given birth? Have no idea how to correctly feed your baby? Watch this video! Today I show you how to correctly feed your baby. As most of you know from my previous videos I am extremely good with young children & babies, so I decided to make a video showing the new parents out there how to feed their baby!
Feeding a baby can be a struggle to many, but I’m here to show you how it can be extremely easy & simple! Simply follow the step by step instructions!

This video will cover a range of methods such as:
Bottle feeding a baby
Breast feeding a baby
Cereal feeding a baby
Walrus feeding a baby
Baby feeding a baby
& Lasagne

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qfina says:

Isn’t this a professional channel? I have children and therefore know that
this is not the correct way to feed them. Babies of this age should be on
milk only, you shouldn’t be introducing solids until much later, and not as
violently as depicted here. It’s okay to make a bit of mess, but try to
avoid hitting the child with the food.

gr8alex says:

i fed my baby the same exact way ut it didnt want to go down her throat so
i had to force it. She didnt cry at the end and actually wasnt moving..

The_Alpha_Unleashed says:

OMG you terrible man! Children in Africa could have eaten that baby!

Sophie Furness says:

For all the people saying “wtf waste of food” (although it is) and “what an
idiot”, don’t deny that you’d want to throw around food and make a huge
mess just for fun. (IF you weren’t paying for it and cleaning it up, I
guess.) You know how fun that’d be? He’s just throwing things around he’s
not trying to be ‘professional’ he knows how to feed a damn baby.

ShadTheMinecrafter - Minecraft And Aviation! says:

Baby cruelty xD

David Giza says:

No egg? O.M.F.L.

Nathan Lawson says:

Kids could’ve eaten that baby

Nancy Kray says:


Icecream Lover says:

Thank you HowToBasic!
Unfortunately, I’m an aunt now, and my brother left me in charge with his
At first it was complicated, I couldn’t calculate where the mouth is.
But now, with the help of you, sir. Everything seems Flexible!
Thank you again, our Life Saver. 

makayla edwards says:


Alexandra Natalia says:

There is something really wrong with you.. Serial killer most likely 

Caleb Malott says:

If you look real carefully and freeze frame you can see that the baby is

Zhane Darko Williams says:

how do u buy all theese baby dolls O.O

Meera Salah says:

I have one question
When u make a vid u break everything and getting a big mess then who is

NoShit12 says:

Guys, relax, it’s an expired baby doll…

unknown 2014 says:

Am I the only one who really wanted to know how to feed a baby


That baby looked like diabeto

Christian19991 says:

I did as showed in this video, but my baby malfunctioned and stopped
breathing. Any good tips?

Zeus215 says:

calm down everyone, its an expired baby.

bassistheplace246 says:

If you look very closely, you can see that the baby is fake.

SnK Levi says:

What a waste of food

Mia Hewstone says:

I want to do this to my teenage sister

Aminata Kaba says:

Can’t You show your face

RED SPY says:

report feed the baby

madgamer125 says:

Babies actually have tastebuds on their cheeks :3

Josh Dorkson says:

I dont understand why people are being haters this wonderful man is
teaching us things that no one could figure out how to do he tells the most
wonderful knowledge and the most useful tips and tricks on how to do stuff
in your ordinary daily life so i see no reason to hate :3

Meghan Herrick says:

Sorta scary that I know someone who could be this person…. Haha?

Farhana Yusof says:

pls click button REPORT.actually, he try to show how to abuse baby

Cangala Mangala says:

you are crazy…

Connor Dowling says:

There’s no eggs?!?!?

Hagz500R says:

No egg? Really? I am disappoint, sir.

Simon Serrano Gomez says:

howtobasic the best father in the world

ハムスターの恋人101 says:

What did you to the poor baby?!

Vincent Villeneuve says:

Man, u need help

Amy Brewster says:

you are trpin on asade

Саша Силюков says:

Ахуенный из него отец выйдет)))

Leand Ganie says:

He’ll be a terrible father

twinkle5557 MSP says:


Isaaca Jockela says:

What a waste of baby food, I could have eaten that.

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