How To Feed a Baby Sparrow

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lillouzoo says:

thanks for sharing!! we just found a baby bird in our back yard today and
couldn’t find the nest it fell out of so, we’re trying to take care of it.
we had no clue what to feed it or how often… my kids are so excited now
that we’re going to try to raise it. off to grab some purina…lol

AzBirdDog says:

Thanks for the tips!! In the area that I work, The company who does the
tree trimming sometimes knock the babies onto the ground and leave them to
die. It kills me to not be able to help them.

Jake Foster says:

@nickandfallon My cat just got two baby not sure what they are but
one had a scratch on it and i need some help on feeding them ,ive given
them some sugar water and keeping them warm is there anything else i can do
except for let nature take its course?

nathan gunter says:

hey,i just found a eggg thats ganna hatch soon,i candled it and i can see
it in there,is that all they eat is wet cat food?how do they get water,how
long do i feed them,i breed mealworms can they eat those

keliata says:

This is so beautiful and touching. G-d bless you for caring for the tiniest
of creatures:) I posted a short video of sparrows chirping in a pine tree.
To the right of the video in a description of the video there’s a poem
about sparrows you might like. Just search A Sparrow’s Bracha on You Tube
to find it.

justin76bmw says:

i found a black bird chick. it wont eat, i tried opening it’s beak and
sticking a worm in, it din’t spit it out, but i don’t want to force it. how
do you get it to eat? i think it’s a little scared, i just found it. will
it snap out of it and eat eventualy?

booboobunni says:

i have three baby spparowws and can you over feed them because they stoped
twetting for there food

Jazmine Lee says:

Hey I have a baby sparrow now its quite a bit older than this one and has
nearly all its feathers, it was sitting on the side of the road so I picked
it up. I have saved a few but they have been a lot younger and open their
mouths to be feed straight away, but I can’t get this one to eat. Any

cuteakoeh says:

i have a confusing question… how could you feed her a cat food if she
herself is a cat food… hehehe…

stickplaya1 says:

i found 1 yesterday and it 2 weeks old

grooveclubhouse says:

feed every 45mins?!? oh man I have an 8hr work shift. any suggestions?

Broke Yakin says:

@nickandfallon They are protected in all areas.

Mok Chee Meng says:

what do feed baby swiftlets ?

sasorithepuppet says:

OMG I NEED HELP we found a baby bird we dont know what kind, but it has
blue fringed feathers… we got it out of our cat’s mouth and couldnt find
the nest. i found a emergency recipe and gave it sum sugar and water mixed
up, but it didnt really want any. we are worried that its lungs will get
aspirated, and what to feed it it looks like the one in ur vid tho. very
young, can u plz help us?

Toan Tu says:

well done! how cute, I sadly killed 2 baby sparrows because I didn’t know
the food formula, can someone please tell me how to make one?

takoyaki22 says:

Helpful. I will try it with two baby pigeons I found.

SleepyTymeT says:

This sparrow is younger than any I have encountered, but I ADORE sparrows
and am glad to see you do, as well, and are taking care of the abandoned
young. Keep up the good work.

hotride575 says:

i just found a nest out in the woods 1 nest was cracked and 2 died we have
1 right now we like grushed up some worms and gave it to it its gota be
like 1-3 days old its eyes havent opend or anything

Kurayami111 says:

I need help… I found a baby road runner and its mom was hit by a care, it
was circling the body peeping idk how to feed it it cries and wont let me
feed it!

Hung Do says:

wait it need to eat every 45 minute so when u sleep who feed it O_o

zerounite says:

I am not sure if what i feed to the baby sparrow is ok but I usualy feed it
smashed steam rice mixed with water. Sorry I am new to this and I felt bad
for the baby sparrow and I didn’t want it to die so i decided to take care
of it … i put it back on the nest but the mother kept throwing it away
… akward

Morenumbers123456789 says:

For a young bird(not baby ones), say a marsh tit, how often would you have
to give them food? Do you have to go and give them food at night?

Mariah Spence says:

hello, I have a baby sparrow he fell out of the nest and i became
caretaker. you can also use puppy chow. take about 1/4 a cup of puppy chow
and add water and blend it till its milkshake consistency. he is exactly
the age of this one. once they get older you can start feeding them bits of
puppy chow then once there even older you can give the little one seeds.
hope this also helps 😉 thankyou for uploading!

alotus9 says:

that is so cruel that people would do such things to helpless
do they find that fun?

Just Some Person says:

I have no idea why people who be so cruel, but thats why i take in the
babies and raise them! I think they are cute!

L Huppler says:

My cat just brought in a baby that I kept him from killing. It looks to be
nearly a fledgling, though, but I’m going to try this anyway and hope it
doesn’t die from whatever injuries it has and before I can find a rescue…
Thanks for the video.

ShebaTheLoneWolf says:

I have 5 baby birds and Ive been feeding them worms every 20 minutes what
else should I do?

bishkek34 says:

HES VISIOUS!!lol, idk how u spell vicious

TaeIsCoolYo says:

my bird isn’t cheeping, whats wrong with it…

SeattleLA says:

very nice video

siuniuniu says:

please help me, my baby sparrow don’t eat dry food, i always need to make
the food wet………….. but he is now eat by himself, how can i make him
eat dry food? i have no time to take care him if he always need wet
food…help me. before i need to feed him, now he seems coming to be a
adult, but his body is smaller than a adult………. when will he become a
big bird?

Hung Do says:


steppres says:

It are bewtiful burd.

technocharm says:

Thank you for this guide. A big help.. since no shelter is open right now.

inbetweentics says:

that was really nice of you mike. most people wouldn’t bother, and as women
tend to have more of a nurturing disposition, it’s HIGHLY commendable on
your part because you showed that a man can have the patience and nurturing
capabilities that a woman has as well. he just has to do it! :) like the
man in birdman of alcatraz. you can bet that bird made it okay :)

Just Some Person says:

If you have been feeding it properly every 45 minutes -1 hour), and it is
still not growing, take it to a vet. It could have a vitamin deficiency, or
other problems. But it the baby seems active and eats with no problems,
then try not to worry. You just have a slow grower!

kpopshawol says:

I found a baby sparrow that fell out of its nest a couple of days ago, but
its mom was in the tree so I didn’t touch it cos my mom said she’ll take
care of it. Do you think she will? I feel guilty for leaving it :(

wackyjackysillybilly says:

what r u feeding it. plz tell me. my little sparrow wont eat anything and
im afraid he will starv to death

missmommy185 says:

omg, totally heart warming :)

Fishcake says:

just went into my garden and saw one even younger than this, must have only
been born, but it was dead.. upset me so much :(

Mike Schneider says:

Thanks for the help! I just found a baby robin that had been evicted from
its nest- there were three other, and larger, babies in there all ready. I
couldn’t just leave it there so i brought it into my sunroom. Sometimes I
get the feeling he is hungry because he is chirping like crazy but he won’t
open his beak. What does this mean?

Just Some Person says:

You’re very welcome!

FuzzyHead411 says:

what if you’ve found the baby bird with no parents and u have to take care
of them? I had to but they wouldn’t let me feed them because they wanted
their mom

e7snype says:

thanks my bird is now 1month and a bit but still hasnt grown, his feathers
fall out and dont grow properly this may be because of his moult and he
cant fly,i hope hes ok

bdasnjsal says:

kool i think mine is 5 days cause it has feathers everywhere

Chelsie Lesiak says:

ok ill try it thanx

Just Some Person says:

The Sparrows that i recieve are usually from the local park, where the
mother parents are killed. In the state that i live in, Sparrows are often
shot and killed for fun, leaving the babies and/or eggs behind.

MrWaeseL says:


Bibbabble says:

Did he survive??

bishkek34 says:

yeai wish my 2 day old cockatiel opened its mouth like that when feeding!!

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