How To Breastfeed

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Breastfeeding – what you should know

Tips to help both you and baby get the most from it

Breastfeeding is natural and has benefits for both mums and babies. It should be easy and trouble-free, and a good start helps to ensure that is a happy experience.

To establish breastfeeding, the early days are crucial and when it comes to technique, you may need guidance from a midwife or breastfeeding counsellor. Also, there is a lot of information available from reliable sources like Bounty, the UK’s favourite parenting club.

In this close-up video clip, we offer guidance with latching-on and positioning tips for both you and baby as well as highlight the signs that help you know that all is going well to make that special time a happy one for you both.

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partygirl577 says:

when i breast feed my baby juan jr. its very comforable and somtime i start
to tear up

Alyssa Hollerman says:

@MsAmarie90 WHEN I breastfed my daughter (long story short she got thrush
and passed it to me) anyways thats why shes now on formula but it didnt
hurt. normally it will only hurt if the baby isnt latched on correctly and
then all youd have to do is have the baby relatch. but no it doesnt hurt=)

BuickGirl1986 says:

wish my nipples were that big I am having trouble breast feeding cause of
inverted nipples

xo Sadie says:

we are like cows D:

LOLChey4U says:

so weird. do the milk glands or howevr it works start working when they
baby is born?

Cerridwen247 says:

@BuickGirl1986 I have that problem too. Everyone keeps saying get a nipple
sheild, I

jossue211 says:

Thanks my wife is good at breast feeding now thank you

Justin Case says:

Why do they assume it’s always a she?

Amber J-W says:

This is interesting. I am not yet a mother but I always wonder what this
feels like. Does it hurt?

Vaughn Chung says:

well i’m a boy so i don’t know how it feels but it kind of tickles well my
mom told me so.

David Straw says:

@LOLChey4U they start getting ready during pregnancy and there is a
pre-milk from pregnancy till 2 days to a week after the baby is born called
colostrum. it is literally liquid gold. it is a lot like concentrated
breast milk; there isn’t much of it at all and the milk replaces it when it
comes in.

kittystylemeow says:

I melt bees wax on my nipples before I feed to prevent chafing. so soothing.

RyanLikesAmp says:

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Male 55-64

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