How to breastfeed your baby successfully!

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This a video about breastfeeding successfully! it has been extreemly well researched! All the information is from accredited associations like the world health organization, the public health agency of Canada, Canadian pediatric society and the American association of pediatrics.


public health canada:


Dhitch8774 says:

Well done! Love this.

Carmen Marcotte says:

Absolutely I would love to do a video on that for you :) I will try making
it tomorrow if I get the chance!

KoalaBearBabyXX says:

Awesome video! So informative! Thank you for sharing! PLEASE please please
would you consider doing a video talking about your cesarean delivery story
and talk about your experiences, your recovery and how you dealt with
breastfeeding your newborn afterwards? I am probably going to be having a
cs with this pregnancy and I am bricking it! Cheers hun xxx

Carmen Marcotte says:

@TheSewellFamilyplus5 I went through the same problem and was so stressed
out around 3 months too! Pump as often as you can to keep the demand high,
even if nothing is coming out. Breasts take a couple days to catch up once
there is an increase in demand. If that doesn’t work after a few days try
making an appointment and talk to your doctor about DOMPERIDONE, it is a
safe perscription for breast feeding women that WILL increase milk
production as a side effect :)

Johnna Sewell says:

HEY MY BABY is 3mths old almost..when I pump I only get an ounce from each
side..and have tried feeding on demand but she still seems hungry and
unlatches and cried like there is no more coming out..what can i do to
induce milk?

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