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Learn how to breastfeed on an airplane in this parenting video from Howcast.

Hi. I’m Jennifer Durbin, and I’ve got some tips for you for breastfeeding your little one while on an airplane.

We all know that we’re super cramped on an airplane. There’s not much room to move. So how do you manage the logistics of nursing in that small space?

The first you want to do is work out the logistics ahead of time. Sitting next to a window gives you a nice ledge to rest your arm on. If you’re sitting in the aisle, your elbow will likely get bumped by everyone who’s walking by.

You also want to make sure that you can dim the lights in the area before you nurse. Get the baby calmed down. That will make things go smoother.

Also don’t forget your must-have travel gear. Bring your Hooter Hider with you. Just slip your Hooter Hider out of the cover, throw it over your neck, and you’re ready to go. You’ve got the baby covered, and everyone is super comfortable. This is also a great thing to use when you need to help the baby fall asleep.

Another great use for your Hooter Hider is to cover the baby when they’re sleeping. Let them rest in your arms and fall asleep under the nice cover of your Hooter Hider.

You may also consider getting yourself an Undercover Mama. This will make you a little more comfortable when you’re on the airplane. It will keep you covered as you’re nursing the baby.

But most importantly, keep timing in mind. It’s really easy to lose track of time while you’re on a flight, especially if it’s a long one, so set an alarm or bring your Itzbeen with you so that you know when it’s feeding time.


Kitty Valentine says:


Kitty Valentine says:

I understand, a lot of parents are actually a bunch of retards. But not all
of them got “knocked up on accident”. Remember that there is always a
reason why the baby is crying; it could be due to the fact that yes it may
just need the usual and the mother is being a complete idiot and not
tending to it like a mother should, but there could also be loads of other
reasons. The parent may not know what’s wrong, or the baby could even be
sick. But if the baby is crying, put some ear plugs in.

Kitty Valentine says:

If you’re really THAT uneducated, once you breast feed a child it’s not
that simple just switching it over to a bottle. In fact the baby would
reject the bottle at first. Not to mention, most women actually prefer
breast feeding because not only is it more natural but actually it’s MUCH
more healthy for the baby.

ThePwnageTime says:

@chanceguy123 overseas flights?! And don’t give me this “take a ship”

Kitty Valentine says:

I’ve been on a plane, witnessed a crying baby, not to mention I have
extremely sensitive ears. As an example, my mother was once doing the
dishes and it hurt my ear. Around 30 seconds to a minute later I figured
out my right ear was bleeding; and this is why I keep ear plugs around.
Though you can still slightly hear the noises, at least it won’t give you a
splitting headache. But regardless babies can fly on planes, sometimes they
have too, and sometimes the parent doesn’t know why it cries.

Jesus Ramirez says:


Kitty Valentine says:

Oh yeah, perfect idea. Keep your baby at home with nobody. Real smart. Oh
no here’s a fantastic idea, get it a babysitter that is possible that you
may not know anything about! Oh yes what fucking fun! **sarcasm**

chanceguy123 says:

No one wants to listen to babies cry on a plane. You’re a complete bitch
who got knocked up on accident if you take a baby on a plane. Most of the
parents I see do shit, they act as if it’s excusable.

peta capitold says:

hmm u must be new to the internet

Kitty Valentine says:

Believe me that quite isn’t the case dear, I just find this quite amusing.

peta capitold says:

its common sense u idiot. And its the internet u should expect that smart

Kitty Valentine says:

It’s* You* idiot, and* You* *girl.* That’s not common sense, that’s just

peta capitold says:

Here’s an idea don’t bring a fucking baby on a plane

Kitty Valentine says:

About 95% of the people in these comments are some of the most uneducated
fools I’ve seen.

Kristinnicole88 says:

Everyone who keeps saying do not bring a baby on a plane is a fricken
idiot!!! Some people do have jobs that require to move across the
country… EXAMPLE military men and women!

Kitty Valentine says:

Oh yeah, not to mention, the video clearly is teaching you how to
breastfeed properly on a plane so nobody is uncomfortable AND so the baby
will shut the hell up.

Chanelle ;D says:

10 horny men wernt satifised during this video

Paul Bodnick says:

Most of us enjoy watching

Arctic says:

Do not bring a baby on a plane, people pay good money for tickets and do
not want to sit for 12 hours hearing a baby cry and sucking on nipples

Gurpreet dosanjh says:

Haha people hating

Doody B says:


Kitty Valentine says:

I don’t know if you’re aware that there are such things as oceans.
Regardless babies are natural and also human beings, sometimes you have to
take planes, and it’s a much easily and quicker pay.

christian flores says:

Don’t bring a baby on a plane some people want to rest not hear a baby
crying on the plane

TheOverrated666 says:

just put them in the baggage area problem solved and how the hell did i get
here i was watching ice pilots

chanceguy123 says:

Why are you bringing a baby on a god damn airplane? DRIVE YOU LAZY BITCH. I

kellar J says:

Alert guys go back no boobs here

HaiFluttershy says:

WHO THE FUCK WOULD NURSE ON A PLANE? Thats public indecent exposure BY
wants to listen to babies cry on a plane -_- who the fuck is the dipshit
who cant feed the, with a bottle for gods sakes.

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