How to Breastfeed : Keeping Sleepy Babies Awake for Breastfeeding

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A lot of newborns will fall asleep during breastfeeding. Learn how to keep your baby awake and breastfeeding with tips from a lactation educator in this free parenting video.

Expert: Laine Podell-Camino
Bio: Laine PodellCamino MA, CLE, CIIM, is the owner of A Mothers Haven and is a certified Lactation Educator.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


TheLeggyredhead says:

@luddrummer123 I think you’re some kind of repressed pervert who can’t
accept the fact you find breasts sexy. God made breasts to feed our babies
AND excite our men. Deal with it

RMC says:

I am due in July and plan to breastfeed and have been getting conflicting
advice from people about this specific topic. It’s comforting to know that
you breastfed this way because it makes better sense that when a baby is
hungry, they will let you know and you don’t have to wake them. Thanks for
the advice and putting this mother to be at ease!!

Blob More says:

Very helpful. Thanks!

shantrues says:

Two things: She’s NOT saying wake up a child to feed, it’s when the baby
falls asleep WHILE nursing. They become so relaxed that they fall asleep
before they’re done. Next, sometimes babies fall asleep because the flow of
milk slows down and that adds to the baby falling asleep. So squeezing the
breast a little keeps the flow consistent.

Iliana Orellana says:

Where could I get a pillow like yours? I have trouble keeping my baby up as
you have shown… And I had a c-section so it’s tough, thanks so much!!

katyasorussian says:

If you have a premature child they need to be kept away to feed regularly
so they won’t lose too much weight. both of my babies were premature and it
helps them thrive to be put on a feeding schedule. a term baby wouldnt need
to be woken up as much as a preemie

Sarah Parish says:

I used to have this same problem!! Lol .. I used to get a baby wipe and
wipe it on his face and blow on it softly to keep him awake .. Worked for
me =D

Clark Adi says:

You need to let the baby awake to prevent aspiration. That should have been
explained more in the vid

Emily o says:

Lovingly annoying. I love that! What I usually did was if my baby went to
sleep and I just started to nurse I would just pump the rest for later and
let baby sleep. But if I had been nursing for a while and we’re not quite
done then I would do some of these things to bug the baby awake again so he
can finish.

nyorbs saurus says:

this is so nice my baby is good for breast me

monica king says:

i didnt get to b-feed becuz my milk never came in but i attempted it while
i was in the hospital while i only had collostrum but u know the dr told me
to wake up the baby every 3 hrs then my mom came to visit and told me how
ridiculous that was– then all the older women i knew told me to NEVER wak
a sleeping baby lol drs make u so nervous if ur a 1st time mom

Darryll Chua says:

@soldierwife1234 : I think that is generally true that the baby will cry
for milk when they are at least 2 wks old, for newborns you would need to
ensure they are not dehydrated if they have gone without milk for 4 hours.
And they may not cry in hunger because they may have felt weak, or not
known what was hunger.

TJnJadasmommy says:

@Iuddrummer123 LOL you really are a idiot! “do away with breastfeeding
altogether” how the hell do you suppose women have fed their children? Hmm?
You think infant formula was around oh, 200 yrs ago? LMAO! If you don’t
know what your talking about, you really should keep your ignorance to
yourself. It just shows your lack of intelligence. Talk about putting the
“duh” in dumb. LOL

Iuddrummer123 says:

@Aabo0 BREATSFEEDING IS A GATEWAY SIN. What needs to happen is to just do
away with breastfeeding altogether. Poor young boys are being weaned into
oral gratification from infancy and the whole thing just stinks.

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