How to Breastfeed in the ERGObaby, Beco Butterfly II, and Boba

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How to breastfeed a baby in the ERGObaby, Beco Butterfly II, and the Boba.

The ERGO and Beco can be used with newborns (with the appropriate infant inserts), babies, and toddlers. The Boba is for larger babies over 15 pounds or over 1 year.


Cheri Uribe says:

I have been trying to figure out how to do this…I am a larger-sized
woman, so this doesn’t exactly work hands-free for me. I find when my LO is
nursing in the Ergobaby carrier (I have the 360), I have to use one hand to
hold my breast away from her nose. It’s fine when I’m just walking around
the zoo or park, but when grocery shopping, one hand to push a cart can be
a pain lol. I’ll have to play around a little more, as I’ve only had the
carrier for a week or so. I’ll let you know if I find something that works
well! OH, and baby is 5.5 months but small (13 lbs 5 oz) due to being 9
weeks premature. Maybe it will be easier when she gets bigger and figures
out how to pull her head away while nursing sitting up!

Christina G. lovelife says:

Thanks! I’m having my second baby after 16 year from my other son and this
video help a lot to me.

林玉萍 says:


Katie Saenz says:

I love your videos so much! I have 3.5 month old baby girl and we have
fallen in love with CD bc of your vids. I love the way your baby wiggles
his little feet in the carrier, he’s so happy! 

Brandy Terry says:

Thank you so much for demo-ing all three! I have been going back and forth
between the Ergo and the Beco, watching vid comparisons and reading written
comparisons, going back and forth in my mind. Some ppl make the Beco sound
so much better; others make the Ergo sound much better. After watching YOUR
demo with BF’ing, I can see that it’s easier with the Ergo. That’s a huge
deal for me!

PrinMatt says:

any suggestions for larger breasted women? ive tried this and it def does
not work for me :(

WaterFunFL says:

Good info…thanks for posting

Dirty Diaper Laundry says:

@kcmatt10 Could you try loosening the belt then the arm straps to get the
baby even lower?

Dirty Diaper Laundry says:

@kcitlali1 The Ergo or Boba are the easiest for nursing, and in general.

HeartMyKPop says:

You know this makes breast feeding when your out so much nicer and easier.
It doesn’t even look like you are breast feeding. People wouldn’t even
know. I have always been apprehensive and just felt odd about breast
feeding in public and this makes me feel like I can do it.

Mary Jacobsen says:

I love that Pampers puts ads on your videos.

llvolkman says:

I believe the new Boba 3G is now good for infants as well. Thanks for the
great demonstrations!

kendra Medina says:

Which of all carries is much easier. Ur baby is so cute

Hamiuddin Khan says:


Allyshia Marie says:

I have a similar carrier from infantino. sooo going to try this

Janine Fowler says:

Thanks for this! I’m still struggling to nurse in my Boba, but my baby is
also only 6 weeks old. I’ve been just taking one strap off my shoulder and
cradling him in one arm. Not hands-free or at all discreet, but it does let
me easily nurse him while walking. I’ll have to practice your techniques.
(This was actually a much easier to follow tutorial than other how-to
videos I’ve seen for nursing in carriers.)

Stan Vandale says:

your baby is big and fat

lizad777 says:

I know everyone is different, but which carrier do like the best overall? TY

BekiiOxO says:

Do you have any ideas for doing this with the newborn insert with the ergo
also? When you say lift the strap, is that loosening the strap which would
then need retightening afterwards? I only just got my ergo so still

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