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Watch here for my breastfeeding tips for getting baby to latch on!
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Hello Mamas!

In today’s video, we’ll be talking one-on-one about breastfeeding!

When you first begin breastfeeding your newborn, you’ll want to concentrate on getting your baby to hold onto your breast in the right way. This grip of the baby’s mouth on your nipple is called the “latch”. Keep reading and watch my video for a step-by-step demonstration with my own little Marielle, now an experienced “latcher”!

Breastfeeding Tips

One of the most common breastfeeding problems is an improper latch. Don’t worry mom, you’ll get the hang of it soon enough! If you and your baby are experiencing latching problems, you’ll need to encourage your baby to open her mouth very wide and cover as much of your nipple and areola as possible. This will also help prevent fissures and blisters on your nipples. For more on how to breastfeed with a proper latch, please keep watching!

Take a look and please let me know what worked for you! I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Cleo matty says:

great video!!

Louise Keenan says:

thank you so much for this video!!! my baby is 3 weeks old and i started by
exclusively pumping and supplementing with formula so my mom can help feed
the baby (i’m single). i was nervous about nursing and now i want to try.
is there anyway to successfully combo feed now that you can recommend? i
would love any advice!!!

Katia Simic says:

hey Cloud Mom, first let me say how much I love, loove your channel !!!
In one of your videos, you recommend 20 min breastfeeding on one boob and
20 on other boob, so the question is : do I need to let my baby burp
between changing of boobs or just when feeding is completely finished? lots
of hugs :)

Gladys Garza says:

Thanks for this video, very informative.

Abigail Ginter says:

My husband and I are having our first baby in a few months and I am so
nervous about breastfeeding! Thank you so much for this videos!! :)

alhajoos says:

I watched your channel all the time with my first baby (nightmare to
nurse) and I can’t believe I missed this video!! I did manage to breastfeed
her but it would’ve been nice to go with out the discomfort. 

yolanda reyes says:

Very helpful and informative! 

Marie-Pierre Robidas says:

Thank you so much for your advice! I am 7 months pregnant and plan on
breastfeeding. I feel like this has enlighten me a lot. Like others said,
very clear instructions, in a classy way. Thank you for sharing your
knowledge with other moms. :) Keep on with the great videos. Subscribed and
I can’t stop watching video after video!! Also I really like the format of
your video: straight to the point, ahah! Have a wonderful day. ♥

Naochan Mum says:

I wanted to thank you for this video. I’m a mum of a preemie baby. After
weeks of pumping and using nipple shield to get her breast milk, I’m now
learning to wean her off the nipple shield. Didn’t go very well because her
latch was too shallow and she will press on the nipple and create line of
blisters. It was so painful that I would rather give birth all over again
than breastfeeding with the blisters on. I even asked a lactation
consultant for proper latching technique. It worked while she was helping
me but when alone, I just found them too difficult to follow. I do have few
things that I think was very helpful from the consultation. But still no
relief from pain until today. I just watched your video early on today and
practiced it right away because it looks so much simpler to follow. I just
had the first breastfeeding session that is pain free (still a little sore
from the previous blister but not from the current latch). I think your
method is the easiest to follow so far. Never thought that just by lifting
her up with my entire arm so that her mouth opens up will work wonder. I
never liked anything on youtube or make comment, I made this account to
thank you for my pain-free breastfeeding session. Again, thank you so much
and keep up the good work!

Morph Maternity says:

Share if you liked it….

Breastfeeding can be a challenge for every Mommy.
Check Out this informative video for getting Baby to latch on!

Check this at:
Video Source:CloudMom

Shay Johnson says:

This is a great video, for me. Keep’ em coming MiMi. Hugs

debbiedollface says:

Best breastfeeding video! Very thorough. Thank you so much. 

brynn3284 says:

I’m expecting to birth my son any day/week now – thank you for this. This
is probably the most helpful breastfeeding video I’ve seen.

bethann0508 says:

As long as baby has a good latch they can nurse for comfort as long as they
want without causing any pain or blistering 

alekzagat says:

Any pointers on properly latching with a breast shield? I have flat nipples
(not so much now after desperately trying to nurse for 3 weeks) and my
nipples are constantly on fire. So much so that I will pump a majority of
the time.

It’s hard to gage how deep of a latch my son has because my areola is very
large. We get it right about 30% of the time and I’m honestly on the verge
of quiting.

Also any tips on weaning baby off the shield?

sharonpoetry says:

Great video

Aamer Al Yousef says:

thank you very much , your video’s are REALLY helpful ! Especially this one
it’s different than others who show everything @.@ 

Tierra Daniels says:

I agree that the key is latching on! Good video!!

aoxilus says:

no real chichis no real tutorial

chichies means real human nipples 

CloudMom says:

Kelly, I am so happy to hear that and best of luck with your baby. i have
alot of other videos on my site that you should check out. It can hurt a
bit in the beginning but that goes away pretty fast, so definitely go for
it and don’t be scared of the pain! I have shows on painful nipples though
that you should check out!

CloudMom says:

Naomi, please don’t give up. If you feel like giving up, write to me and I
will tell you to keep going! You are at the hardest point and it will get
easier and you’ll be so happy you did it!!! xoxo M

CloudMom says:

You can most definitely switch to exclusive breastfeeding if your dr is
happy with your baby’s weigh gain… I will definitely do a video about
this. Check out my site b/c I just did a video talking about how some women
supplement with formula in the hospital and go on to exclusively
breastfeeding for extended periods of time!

Stasia Hummel says:

This video is brilliant. When you said you were going to show us a glimpse
I got a bit queezy, because there’s way too many videos on youtube of women
just showing everything. But I must say, the views you gave were VERY
helpful, and VERY tactful!! I’m very impressed with how you handled the
situation, with class and instruction. Once again, I love all your videos,
I’m now a subscriber, and I will definitely be introducing my husband to
these videos. Thanks Melissa!!

CloudMom says:

Thank you — I am so happy to hear that!

CloudMom says:

I’m ok with it but my husband was not. Thanks for watching!

Maria Parra says:

Hey my twins are so difficult to nurse and yes i know they are only a
couple weeks but help me !!

CloudMom says:

I nursed this way for almost 7 years and I never had an issue and this is
how I was taught — but thank you for offering another perspective!

Kelly Hardy says:

Thank you for the video 😀 I’m due in 3 months and my in laws told me how
they didn’t breast feed long cause it hurt too bad, I personally would like
to breastfeed for at least a good 7-8 months before putting my son on just
formula. This is very helpful!

CloudMom says:

Hi Wendy, when you first begin nursing it can be painful. But after the
first few weeks it should NOT hurt when baby latches on properly. I have a
lot of videos on this topic from surviving the early weeks of breastfeeding
to troubleshooting other nursing problems at my site on the
breastfeeding page!

Mikell Pepper says:


VintageLily016 Kenzie says:

Can you do a video of all of your children and their names im so curious
because marielle is so beautiful the name is as well.

CloudMom says:

Thank you so much!!

Naomi Hughes says:

Thank you so much for your advice. My baby girl is only 5 days old and
breastfeeding has been an agony for me. Your advice is brilliant and I’m
sure with some perseverance I will get there!!

OneDayWeAreFree says:

thank you, i’m going to be a mom any day now hopefully, and i’m really
hoping breastfeeding will work out. it’s good to know what to look and
listen for!

Kelly Kindig says:

Good advice

Omama Ghazal says:

Thank you

Mara Borrero says:

Thanks so much for this video it helped understand the process better. My
baby is a little over 3 weeks old and I wasn’t able to breastfeed only when
he was born, he did take the breast and latched on great. Now after
supplementing with formula his rejecting the breast to nurse and I have to
pump in order for him to eat. I have notice the formula is making him
constipated and I have discontinued the formula as of today. He fuses big
time when at the breast, Any advice on this? Thanks!

Dmarj Onsey says:

How long should I hang in there for? My baby is a month and 2 weeks and I
still have not gotten the correct latching technique. I feel like her mouth
is too small and I have gigantic nipples, which seem to make her gag when I
attempt to press her head in my boob. I really really want to breastfeed
her…. Is it too late for her to learn?

Sahmaara says:

This is such a helpful video. I am a new mom and am aiming at exclusive
breastfeeding my newborn, but I had to supplement with formula due an
advice from there pediatrician as he was not gaining weight. Is there any
way I can switch to exclusive breastfeeding. If yes, can you do a video
showing us how? Thank you and I love all your videos. Lucky to have found
your channel.

CloudMom says:

Thanks for watching!

Erica S says:

Your baby is beautiful. Love her name too!

CloudMom says:

Thank you SO much Stasia! Some people told me if I didn’t show my breasts,
that people would criticize me — but I just had to do what I was
comfortable with… I hope the videos are helpful and wish you the best of
luck with your baby!!

CloudMom says:

Definitely doing this video!

CloudMom says:

If you are already researching and learning and you are going to give it a
good shot, I bet you will do great! It can be hard, but you have to hang in
there and know that it takes a while to get the hang of it and you can have
bumps in the road!!! Best of luck with your baby!!!!

Copper 29 says:

This video helped my sister-in-law learn to nurse her son!

InkChickPinUp says:

thank you for these videos, they are truly helpful to us new moms who dont
have bf support

Wendy Liu says:

Does this hurt?

CloudMom says:

Thank you!!

CloudMom says:

Not ashamed but not totally comfy either -sorry!

CloudMom says:

Thank you so much, I hope they help, it is NOT an easy thing to do! I had
so many ups and downs myself!

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