How to Breastfeed: Baby Biting

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One factor that may concern potential breastfeeding mothers is the possibility of the baby biting them while nursing. 

It’s important to know that babies do not use their teeth to breastfeed. They use the tongue, roof of the mouth and inner cheeks to hold the breast and extract milk. 

However, when a baby is four to six months old, it will start growing its first teeth. The baby’s gums become irritated as the teeth come through and they begin teething to relieve the pressure. Teething may take the form of biting your nipple after finishing nursing. 

It’s your job to recognize when your baby is finished drinking. Know the difference between a hungry baby and a baby that’s just hanging out at the breast. When the baby is finished, take it off the breast right away by putting your finger inside the baby’s mouth and pushing against their tongue to release the suction. 

Then immediately give the baby an appropriate teething toy so it will not be tempted to bite you. Some at-home teething devices can be an ice cube wrapped in a washcloth, frozen bagels or frozen carrots.

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